January 2013 Update

Jon & Kimberly Spink  (1994)

Dear Prayer Partners, Family and Friends,

Thank you for your continued prayers for the Armijos and our those that are ministering to them. We appreciate those who have responded with gifts for their family, camp needs and special Christmas gifts to our family. Please make sure that you indicate clearly if these are designated for a particular item. We want to use your gifts as they were intended.

The teens leave for camp on January 19th. There are 40 spaces on the bus. Although a week of camp only costs about $45, the cost for the bus is more like $6,000, which translates to about $150 per camper. Right now, there are 22 committed to going. Please pray that the remaining 18 slots will be filled quickly, so that no money is wasted. The church is paying the camp costs for each person, leaving the travel costs at $150 per teen. If anyone would like to sponsor a teen, please let us know right away. Thanks for considering this opportunity. In the last few years, we have seen many lives changed through this ministry.

On Saturday, the Garcias will return from their furlough. We are looking forward to their arrival here in Iquique. Please pray for their trip on Friday and Saturday. We are confident that Pedro and Stephanie would appreciate your prayers for their children - Eva, Isabel, Owen, Ian and Alec as they all make adjustments back to this culture, language, home, church, and in March, school.

As a team, we have been through many transitions this year and have new ones in the year 2013. Next month, the Armijos hope to travel to the United Statesfor a time of grieving, healing, counsel, and hopefully, to visit some of their churches to bring them to full financial support. This will mean at least 6 months away from Iquique. While we will be here to assist at the beginning of that time, this will leave the Garcia family alone for the last couple of months. Please pray for the Garcias and our church family during this time - for strength and vision on the part of the deacons and leadership; for new and immature believers to not fall away during this time; for continued growth and enthusiasm on the part of all.

We would ask for balance and wisdom, grace and strength in the coming days and months. There are many details involved in coming back for furlough - calls to schedule with churches, medical exams, packing up our household goods here for storage, purchasing plane tickets, making sure all of our legal documents are in order, and more. As we approach furlough, probably our greatest need would be the purchase of a vehicle(s). As you know, our family of ten will not fit in a regular caravan. Thus, we will have need of an 11-15 passenger van, OR, a caravan and a car. If you know of someone who might consider loaning or selling us one of the above for our year of furlough, please let us know. In reality, being under-supported, our funds for this purchase are very limited. The logistics of visiting churches as a family would require the larger vehicle. We are looking forward to seeing how the Lord will care for this need.

In other areas: the ministry is a constant pull and we desire to use our time here to the maximum. Our family has needs - vaccinations, schooling, Kelly is starting an on-line college course, and day to day needs of the children. The Christmas tree needs to come down still and we have a new list of people that we would like to invite to our home for fellowship. We are trying to keep abreast of the needs of the Armijo family as they process the loss of Belen and we desire to help the Garcias through their transitions back to the field. We do not want man's commendation, nor a pat on the back, but hope that sharing these things will help you know better how to pray.

Again, we ask that you pray for a hedge of protection from Satan's attacks on our ministry, team, church and in general, the city of Iquique. Since the death of Belen, we have really sensed Satan working. We are aware of our need for Christ's strength to fight this very real spiritual battle. Pray for a spirit of generosity, helpfulness, peace and unity in our home and family. We are only as strong as our weakest link and Satan doesn't play fair. Pray for us! Thank you.

In Christ,
The Spinks
Posted: 1/14/2013  Expires: 2/13/2013

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