January 2013 Update

Andy & Diane Large  (1974)

Dear Prayer Partners and Friends,

“The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tabernacles of the righteous; the right hand of the Lord does valiantly.” (Psalms 118:15). As we enter this New Year, we have to look back on 2012 and rejoice in all the Lord has done through your prayers for the work here in Nicaragua and Peru. We can also forge ahead in 2013, assured that the Lord will “do valiantly” for us in this year also as we serve Him backed by your prayers and support.

Our Lord has done valiantly…
• Many of the children in the Stilecroft Christian School made decisions to receive Christ as Savior when we had a special evangelistic program with Evangelist Rafi the Clown. Another high school student expressed his desire to do so also, after the special Christmas Bible lesson. We also had a great time with the 25 teachers and staff who held their end of the year party at our house, and were able to give them some more spiritual input.
• Four of the young people from the ECC Church who had gone to Argentina to prepare for full-time Christian service are now back and serving the Lord here in Nicaragua.
• There was a 100% unanimous secret ballot vote on the part of the ECC Church to go ahead by faith and purchase the land that is being offered at $165,000, with financing by the owners. After 8 years of praying and searching we are seeing God’s timing and blessing perfectly for the E.C.C. Baptist Church. The people are enthused and thinking of many different projects and ways of raising the needed funds.
• God has provided for the ticket for Andy to travel to Peru in February to assist with preaching and counseling in important vision and care-taking decisions in Caballo Cocha.
Please pray with us that God will be glorified and do valiantly…
1. Please pray for God’s continued working in the hearts of the students and families of the Stilecroft Christian School where we and other ABWE missionaries are giving the Bible classes. There are several teachers who also need to come to Christ for salvation.
2. Please pray for the monthly Sunday afternoon “Vespers” and fellowship time held in our home, as we serve the Word to many who don’t normally hear it. We had a very good attendance and reception of the Word in the December Vespers. The January Vespers will be held on the 20th.
3. We have urgent needs in our ministry fund account which is in deficit by $5,000. Please pray for the Lord’s provision for this need.
4. Please pray for the Encounter with Christ (ECC) Baptist Church as they (and we) seek to raise the funds for the property. They need to raise $55,000 more in 18 months, in order to avoid having to get a bank loan for the purchase. Please help us with your fervent, effectual prayers for this urgent need!

Thank you so much for your prayers and gifts all through these many years! Only with your help in prayer releasing God’s power to help us can we do “valiantly” for Him.

Gratefully yours:
Andy and Diane Large

Posted: 1/14/2013  Expires: 2/13/2013

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