January 2013 Update

Mark & Nancy Waite  (1986)

(received 12/21)

Merry Christmas from Cameroon’s “Grand North”.

August marked the first graduating class of twelve students from our missions training school, otherwise known as CM3T (Centers For Missionary Training, Tactics, & Theology). We now praise God for the NEW ministries being started and carried forward through these dedicated and willing to risk all, young men and women!
Martin and Collette,(two of our graduates), headed south to the capital city of Yaounde, where they founded another CM3T school and began a church-planting ministry among the Baka (Pygmy) people with several of their students. They have been given land among the Baka and are planning to build a church meeting place along with facilities for another school to be started nearby to train more Cameroonian believers to work among this unreached people group!

Julius, Pastor George, Emmanuel, and Comfort, (four of our graduates), have begun a new church plant in the town of Bali. While busy serving in their home church in Bossa near the orphanage, they began this new church by street preaching on the main road traveling through Bali. God saved ten people who have now become the nucleus of this new church. They are looking for a meeting place and continuing to preach in the streets to any who will listen. In addition, Julius and his wife Constance continue to lead the orphanage with the help of Emmanuel who manages the orphanage farm and livestock operations.

Watchman and Emmanuel Bah, are our two young graduates who are working among the Fulbe. Each week they visit new converts to encourage and disciple them as well as visit Fulbe villages and compounds to preach the Gospel. While there is still no gathered Fulbe church, these two young men are working hard with the few Fulbe believers to ground them in the Word of God. In addition to their hard work, local pastors are beginning to catch the vision to reach the unreached among them and are now also working to reach the Fulbe with the Gospel.

In effect, God has used us and our excellent helpers to spur already existing national churches to begin their own works of church planting among the Fulbe! What a blessing to see God raise up new workers that already know the language and the culture, better than we will ever be able to learn it, and is using them to share the Gospel and begin a reproducible, indigenous, church planting ministry!

Fidele and Parfait, two more of our graduates, are with us here in Maroua. God has blessed the start of yet another CM3T school here, which they oversee and teach in French. God has brought in 14 new students, who desire training to work as evangelists and church planters among the Muslims here in the North. These two brothers also oversee a new church plant in our home, and organize outreaches to neighboring villages. God has opened the door for another new work in a town about an hour away, that holds promise for yet another new church start! Praise God for the amazing way He is using these young men and women!

Lastly, the orphanage in Bossa is quickly moving to becoming independent of all western financial support so as to become a fully indigenous ministry run by and financed by Cameroonian churches and believers by July 2013. As you were made aware in our last update, major changes were made at the orphanage this summer and fall which included reuniting many of the children with their parents and grandparents. This has enabled us to focus our efforts on the 12 children who truly are orphans as well as really begin the work anew from the ground up. The changes also have enabled us to reduce costs which will in addition to our micro-businesses and farming operations enable the ministry to become self-supporting in July, Lord willing!

To all these endeavors, we simply sit back and say Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! He truly has shown Himself Great on behalf of these works and we count it an immense privilege to have been able to sit as it were on the 50 yard line and watch God perform. With all of these works now being handled entirely by nationals, we spend much of our time praying for the young men and women God has raised up and is raising up to fulfill the work we started. In addition, when allowed, Nancy walks across to the elementary school each week to teach several hundred elementary school kids English. Mark continues to coach all the graduates in their respective works and is also trying to line up funding for and organize the printing of ministry and theological materials in French. In addition, he is teaching classes on spiritual leadership and church planting to a whole new crop of French speaking students including several pastors this winter.

So, thank you for your consistent and faithful prayers on our behalf. We hope our report of God’s work here in Cameroon encourages you as well as challenges you to pursue whatever He is calling you to do with your lives. As to what else you can do for us…….well, we really want to bless the orphanage with a much-needed newer and more usable vehicle before seeing them go independent this July. In addition, we want to provide funding for our new schools to translate and print books and materials in French here in Cameroon. It is simply too difficult to arrange for travelers to bring us our much needed teaching resources so we are translating many of these resources into French and having them printed here in Cameroon at our own cost. We would love to be able to present our students, area pastors, national church-planters and other Christian workers with our theology notes, Bible resource materials and books which we have been given permission to print. If you’d like to help with either of these projects, please send your gift to Southern Hills Baptist Church in Copperas Cove, Texas and they will see that it gets to us. Please designate whether your gift is for the orphanage or the schools and as always they are tax-deductible. You can find SHBC on the web at and can easily donate on line or send them a check on our behalf.
Thanks again for your faithful support. May your Christmas be filled with the joy of our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

In Him & For Him,
Mark, Nancy & kids

Posted: 1/14/2013  Expires: 2/13/2013

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