December 2012 Update

Roger & Marcy Smith  (1976)

Dear Prayer Partners,

So much has happened since we got back from our mini-furlough. We have sensed God’s presence and leading in a real way. Koinonia Baptist did well during our absence and we found people encouraged and open to new challenges. A big highlight was the
recovery of Lélia, our deacon Inácio’s wife who was close to death several times after a fall she had. The Lord used this to unite the folks even more and burden new ones to the importance and power of prayer.

We have been pleased lately to see the spiritual growth in the lives of our youth leadership team. They have recently started a midweek prayer and fellowship time. Once a month on Saturdays they are also dividing up into small groups at church instead of the program with a joint service. We recently had a great retreat with them and some of the young people at a beach north of here. Our couple’s ministry is also retooling and rethinking how to better reach and minister to couples. The activities have gone well, but the attendance to these events has fallen a bit. Pray that this team will be
encouraged and that the creative juices will flow.

A little setback we had a month ago was an accident I, (Roger) had
while trail biking. I broke my collarbone and am wearing a brace. It is
a slow recovery, but there has been progress. We were happy that surgery was not needed. I only missed one Sunday with the ordeal and am able to be back in most activities. Our special thanks to each of you for your prayers and support.

In Christ,
Roger and Marcy Smith
Posted: 12/19/2012  Expires: 1/18/2013

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