December 2012 Update

Roy & Nancy Jones  (1976)

Christmas Greetings from Spain,

This is a great time of year as we remember our Savior’s birth and have opportunities to share that message with family and friends. It’s amazing to think what Jesus did so that we can enjoy eternal forgiveness and salvation. We trust that you are rejoicing because you too have accepted this wonderful Christmas gift.

God has been working here in Spain. In the photo at the right Fran, one of the elders at the church in Coslada, performed his first baptism with Paula, a young lady who was saved this past summer. Our sister church in Alcalá de Henares participated with us as they had a young man who also wanted to be baptized. What a joy it is to see the leadership in Coslada continuing to develop and to see these folks following the Lord in baptism. Two others who attend the church expressed an interest in being baptized. Please pray for the Coslada church as they have their annual Christmas program on Friday, December 21. Pedro wrote a play that Isabel and the kids will be performing. We have invited several of our friends to go with us. We trust God will use this program in their hearts to draw them nearer to Him.

We have known Antonio and his mother, Isabel, for about 10 years. We have talked with them about spiritual things on many occasions. Just last month they agreed to have a Bible study with us. Each Monday we are meeting to study “The Story of Hope”. Please pray that God will open their eyes to understand what they are studying. Nancy also started this same Bible study with Paula, a young Romanian lady that she met while teaching English at the Cultural Center here in Campo Real. This past week we had another great opportunity to explain the gospel to Julio and Maria. Please pray as we continue these Bible studies that God will work in hearts.

The search for a ministry center in Torres de la Alameda continues. This week we will be meeting with a city official to find out what we would need to do to get one of the buildings we have been looking at up to code. This building has been at the top of our list since we started looking but it needs to be remodeled and that is going to cost money. After we meet with the city official we will be meeting with a contractor friend to see how much it would cost to make the changes. Please pray with us as we consider this important step in establishing a preaching point in Torres de la Alameda. We could still use your help with this project especially if we decide to go ahead with this building. We are confident that God has the perfect place for us so we continue to look and pray.

This has been a great year as we were able to visit all of our supporting churches and spend time with family and friends in the US. All three of our sons and their families are doing well and serving the Lord. What a joy it is to know that God is working. Thank you for praying for us and for our family. We don’t know what 2013 has in store but we know that we can trust in God to do His work. We appreciate your prayers and interest in our ministry.

In His Service,
Roy & Nancy Jones
Posted: 12/19/2012  Expires: 1/18/2013

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