December 2012 Update

Dale & Karen Marshfield  (1977)

Happy Christmas from our Family to Yours!

Together in Central Park, NYC

Our family spent a day in New York City this December. It was great to hang out together and see the sights. On the down side, sometime during the day a teller stole my credit card number, and began buying things on Fortunately, Amazon has great security, so they caught it, notified me, and everything was sorted out. Life certainly is a strange mixture of evil and joy swirling together?

And that makes me think of Christmas - darkness and light rubbing shoulders. John hits on this when he says, "In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it (John 1:4-5)." God came into darkness; not sanitized cathedrals or lovely parlors, but a world where evil easily gets the upper hand. That first Christmas was a personal invasion of light flowing from life - a counterpoint to the darkness that flows from death. The darkness did not understand or welcome this God-light. Herod tried to destroy it at the beginning, but the light prevailed.

Even today, in spite of the darkness, the light is present and prevailing in hearts and minds; prevailing with hope, peace, purpose, and joy; prevailing through the message about Christ. At Christmas we remember that God lived in the darkness, suffered under its hand, refused to embrace it, and ultimately conquered it through the cross and the resurrection. So, here on Christmas 2012, we celebrate in the darkness the light and life that will one day replace it.

Karen and I hope your Christmas will be filled with light and life!

Great January Opportunity!!

On January 7 I am scheduled to travel to South Africa to begin a new faculty development process with the teachers at the Union Bible Institute in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal. This school has a great record of training Zulu Christian leaders and workers. During this trip I will also meet with leaders at the Cornerstone Institute in Capetown and two other bible colleges in the Western Cape.

Please pray for the effectiveness of these sessions and for the remaining funds needed for this trip. Your help in bringing this important training to these college professors would be greatly appreciated. All gifts are tax deductible and should be sent to:

In Christ,
The Marshfields
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