December 2012 Update

Rene & Sonia Einfeldt  (1979)

Dear Prayer Partners,

There are many people who seem to think “the world is
coming to an end” in December 2012! One of the young ladies
we know who attends a secular university said that this is “all the
talk” at the university. Dire predictions of the world’s end are
nothing new. Predictions have come… and gone… many times
over the millennia. We know that the ONLY One who knows for
sure is the God of the universe who isn’t surprised or dismayed
by ANYTHING because He has planned it all – from the foundation
of the world!

We HAVE had a few things that have come to an end! One thing
that came to an end was the school year! Both the students and
the teachers are happy for a little break, and we find that often the
students here get tired of the summer holiday before the teachers
do! We have MUCH to catch up on – projects that were set on the
“back burners of our lives” till the school year finished. So, our
busyness has NOT ended! We are s-l-o-w-l-y making a dent in the
“To Do” list, and once it’s done, it will be time to start planning for the
new school year!

A couple of young ladies who have been exposed to the TRUTH of
God’s Word and good relationships have sadly chosen to ignore it,
so in one case, an end has come to her carefree schoolgirl days with no heavy responsibilities, as now she’s going to be a mother. She was a “sometimes attender” of our youth group. The other one, whom we had rescued a year ago on Christmas Eve from her abusive boyfriend and who after that was able to get a really good security job to support herself and her little boy, was putting her life back together after falling pregnant the first time. But then she made the decision to go BACK to her abusive boyfriend, and when she got pregnant for a second time that put an end to her good job – and an end to her contact with us. Expecting a child should be a happy occasion, news to be happily shared, but frequently these girls, who bow to the pressure of the culture and their own need for love and attention, choose to end any openness and honesty with us – as this girl did. Their true freedom in life also comes to an end as
they often feel “chained” to the boyfriend who made them pregnant, because they have no one else to “care” for them and provide them with a home.

The Bible college student, Sinead, who was helped financially by some of YOU in her last year of Bible college, has had her Bible college experience come to an end. Her graduation took place recently and she received honours as the TOP STUDENT in the school! We’re very proud of her for that accomplishment. Students from Kimberley took top honours for two years in a row at that Bible college! Last year an older lady from the same church here in Kimberley (who had gone to Bible college after retiring from school teaching and working with Scripture Union) took top honours! Thank
you so much for helping Sinead by praying for her and giving to help make her last year possible. Pray for her as she makes decisions about beginning a new era in her life, possibly fulltime service to her Lord.

Another thing at an end is René’s carefree, young days!! (This is Sonia writing that!) In November, he began a new decade, the BIG Six-Oh!! His much-younger wife still has a year and 2 ½ months before she is THAT OLD!! We celebrated several times – with the friends who came to help us celebrate Thanksgiving Day (more on that in a moment), again on Saturday with the youth – who brought cards and also prepared special items in song for him, and again
on Sunday after our Bible fellowship meeting.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we have SO much for which to be thankful– relatively good health, a great city and home in which to minister, each other, children who know and love the Lord, a sweet grandson who is healthy and thriving and very active, extended family and friends who love us and whom we love, ... The list could be nearly unending -- too long for this letter! We celebrated
Thanksgiving Day this year with another American missionary couple and two single men (both lost their wives) who have helped us as small discussion group leaders in our classes at one of the schools where we teach. We’re blessed!

Sadly there seems to be no end of “bad news” in our province of Northern Cape. We’ve already told many of you that the Northern Cape has some dubious distinctions: the highest rape rate in South Africa as well as SA’s highest suicide rate, top syphilis rate, and the highest rate of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome in the world. New survey results came out recently indicating that Northern Cape also has the
most teens who are having sex at the youngest age of anywhere else in South Africa. Many people have asked us “Why did you go to Kimberley?” thinking that there are lots prettier areas, larger cities, fancier places in South Africa. (Frankly, we think Kimberley is pretty, we’re not into large cities and love the size of Kimberley, and we
don’t need fancy!) But NOW you know why we need to be HERE and why we feel God has put us here! Kimberley is the capital city of the Northern Cape province, where all these very sad survey results are centred. The saddest part is that many of these teens have no idea that their early experimentation can end their lives prematurely.

But besides endings, there are some beginnings in our life as well.
Some of them are: --We are beginning once again to burst at the seams in our youth Bible studies and youth meetings. We set a record this past month – all of 21 young people plus us two “slightly older people” in our house playing games and learning God’s
Word together! It’s now rainy season so when it rains on a Saturday night and we have to do everything indoors, it makes for quite “cozy fellowship”. --Our youth group has begun to sport new T-shirts with our name and logo! The name of our youth group is “4REAL” and we have encouraged them to enjoy a Really Exciting Awesome Life in Christ and to be truly “4REAL” with God, not playing games with their spiritual life. Some “get it” and strive to do that. Others do not.
There are a couple who earned their T-shirts but to whom we will be returning their money rather than let them wear a “4REAL” T-shirt because they have NOT shown themselves to be serious for God. Pray for them, that they will begin to see the importance of giving their WHOLE LIFE to God, every part. Pray that those who
are new to the group would truly see what we’re about and that the Holy Spirit will draw them into relationship, most importantly with God and also with us. --As of 1 December, our search for someone to live in our U.S. house ended and a new rental contract began with a family. They wanted a home, and we wanted someone in the home for the winter. All the references they gave were good,
including employers, and we hope this will work out well. They have a 6-month rental contract. If they and we continue happy with the arrangement, they will begin a rent-with-option-to-buy plan. Please pray that this will work out well this time and that our house can truly be sold. --CHRISTmas is a time of new beginnings—the CHRISTmas story is the beginning of the New Testament! God sent His Son into the world as a little newborn baby! He was willing to come be a man, though He was fully God, so that we could have a
father-child relationship with the God of the universe! How thankful we are! We have planned and led two Christmas services in area churches and will be involved in a worship team at a Christmas morning service. Our home will be blessed with some
who have no other family in the area coming to spend Christmas Day with us. --The NEW YEAR provides new beginnings for us – the beginning of a new school year and the beginning of a two-year Biblical counselling course (pending our acceptance!) which will take us out of Kimberley for 3 weeks in 2013 (one in February,
one in March, one in October). --Soon after beginning the year (10 January) René will undergo a minor surgical procedure so we will appreciate your prayers for a good recovery for him.

We are SO thankful for our family – and this year a new grandson just celebrating the beginning of life and his first Christmas! [Recent pics to follow] And we are so thankful for YOU, too, our friends and supporters and prayer partners, all who want to be a part of this ministry. Your support is bringing the beginning of a new way of thinking to many young people, as Christ begins to work in their lives. Thank you for your partnership with us! Have a blessed, joyful CHRISTmas! As 2012 ends and 2013 begins, may God draw each of us closer to Him and may we all serve HIM more effectively in the new year!

Because of HIS gift to us, our new life has begun,

René and Sonia

Posted: 12/19/2012  Expires: 1/18/2013

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