December 2012 Update

Jonathan & Sarah Weber  (2004)


We are thankful that there are many people who pray faithfully for God's will to be accomplished in Belgium.

With the Ladies Outreach Evening just one week away (Dec 14th), we are very aware of the need to pray for final preparations for this outreach event.

Please know that your prayers are greatly appreciated as we continue to walk by faith and depend upon God to do His work in and through us!

Jonathan & Sarah, Warren, Daniel, Andrew & Phoebe

December 11 Update


We have seen God do some pretty amazing things in the recent months. We are grateful to be depending on Him!

We are praising God for the 53 ladies who have signed up to come to the Ladies Outreach Event on Friday night. We can't wait to see what God does to help ladies see their need of Jesus as the only true source of peace.

We are also praising God for some leads in our search for a new weekly meeting place for church services. We know that God in the process of increasing our faith. We also know that He is going to direct us and provide for us in the coming weeks.

Jonathan & Sarah, Warren, Daniel, Andrew & Phoebe

December 12 Update


God is definitely at work on our behalf as we search for a new meeting place! Thank you for praying with us regarding this particular prayer request.

Jean-Paul, Michel and Jonathan had a very positive meeting on Wednesday morning with the mayor of a local community. He was very friendly and seemed to be interested in helping us. As soon as he heard our request, he immediately thought of one possible option that would fit the description of what we need! God certainly didn't shut this door yet--in fact, He seems to have opened it further than we had imagined possible.

Please continue to pray regarding our search for a new meeting place. At the meeting this morning, the mayor promised to speak with the person responsible for the place which he thought would be good for our church. It sounds like his proposal will also be discussed at a meeting tonight and that a decision may even possibly be made yet today!

We will keep you posted on how God continues to work!

Jonathan & Sarah, Warren, Daniel, Andrew & Phoebe

Posted: 12/10/2012  Expires: 1/9/2013

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