December 2012 Update

Jake & Sandy Schrader  (1976)

Hi Praying Friends,

Well, the big journey is about to begin! Our teens, Pastor Josh, and three college girls will be pushing off to Bible Camp. They will leave for camp on Saturday and will be returning next Wednesday, December 12th. Everyone is quite excited, our cell phone seems to be constantly singing for our attention. The teens needed blankets, pillows, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, under arm deodorant, some clothes and even swimming suits and they each have a Bible. What about spending money for soft drinks and snacks? Yes, they each have what we call pocket money. But you didn't provide that. They did! They set up shop and sold chips, sweets, and frozen bags of cool drink. We only bought the first round of supplies. They bought all the rest from the stuff they sold. Now get this! One of our guys 18 year old Zwide, ran about 4 miles into a shop in Welkom and then 4 miles back replenishing their goods for sale. He did this TIME AND TIME AGAIN! They did really well with their sale of snacks. Sandy and I were so proud of them and a little surprised ( I might add) but in all honesty THEY DID IT. You did it too! Even though you are not going to camp as counselors, or bouncing along in the taxi,or driving to the airport to pick up our college girls all the way from the USA (a round trip drive of almost 6 hours). You gave to the outreach and will also reap from the harvest of all that is accomplished at camp. What a wonderful opportunity for these teens to find a greater future and hope! Jer. 29:11. PRAY for our teens, God has great and glorious plans for each and every one of them. PRAY THEY FIND IT whether it be salvation or their each and own personal calling. PRAY ALSO FOR NATALIE, CALLIE, AND KERSTIN from North Carolina. Our God also has a future and hope for them as well. Who knows maybe future missionaries with Restore Ministries? I know they would appreciate your prayers as well.

GOOD NEWS, GOOD NEWS, Sandy had FIVE NEW LADIES out to her Ladies Bible study this past week. Our Lord continues to work with all ages at Restore ministries. THE HARVEST IS TRULY PLENTIFUL, BUT THE LABORERS ARE FEW. Math 9:37. Could our Lord be calling you?

Working together with you,
Jake & Sandy

December 18 Update

Dear Praying Friends,

As George Beverly Shey so melodiously put it, "IT IS NO SECRET WHAT GOD CAN DO. WHAT HE DID FOR OTHERS, HE CAN DO FOR YOU! Our Lord put it even better. "Give and it will be given unto you; pressed down and shaken together and running over, shall men give into your bosom." Luke 6:38. You gave and a taxi and another vehicle was filled. Our teens joyfully piled in not knowing what lay ahead of them. Some (especially our girls) were quite wary as to what expect. SEE THE ATACH. Yet Mamma Vigina the rather sizeable lady standing next to me gave each timid soul a big (emphasis on big) motherly hug. She had known most of these teens all of their lives and loved them as her own.

WHAT CAN GOD DO? You gave (and I'm sure you know what I am about to say) our God returned "the dividends" 'PRESSED DOWN, SHAKEN TOGETHER AND RUNNING OVER!" One hundred and fifty, YES ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY campers may decisions to accept Christ as their Savior! AMEN? AMEN! Another one of our guys, Wayne believes God is calling him into full time ministry. Zwide said to me, "Pastor, I can honestly tell you I am so strengthened and committed to go on for the glory for God like never before! I asked our college girls for their evaluation. All three said the messages were doctrinally sound and each and every night a clear and compelling message was given to receive Christ AND IT BORE FRUIT A HUNDRED FOLD (in realtion to this Bible Camp ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY runing over with Praise to their newly found SAVIOR.

WHAT CAN GOD DO? You also gave and today (Monday) was our first day of Restore V.B.S.. SEE THE ATACH. Hopefully you can see the sea of children behind us. Our staff who had been to the Teens Bible Camp in Kimberly were pumped up and ready for the task. Such magnificent singing came from all present and we expect great things from our God and Savior this week.

WHAT CAN GOD DO? Natalie, Callie, and Kerstin are so moved by what is going on at Restore told us over and over they would do all they can do for the furtherance of our ministry upon returning home to the States. ALL THREE are asking their Lord AND Savior could this be their full time calling? We here at Restore will be PRAYING for them.

WHAT CAN GOD DO? Virginia called me the other day and said that the mother of the boy who had been shot wanted to see me NOW! "Pastor she wants to see you NOW! Thats all she said and as I jumped into my car, i was hoping and praying for just the right thing to say. Agnes ("R"s mother) had virtually wanted nothing to do with me or Restore and definitely a woman not to be taken lightly. I slipped into the shanty with Virginia to translate along with daughter Lorato. All I can say was in the midst of our conversation this "woman at the well" got down on her knees and earnestly.....very earnestly called on Christ to save her. Tearfully she told me, "Pastor I know now why God tore my son from me, that my hands would be empty and ready for him!" I kid you not friends, she said that and much more as we all prayed again together before leaving


Have a very blessed Christmas
Jake & Sandy

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