December 2012 Update

Jeff & Christie Lothamer  (1998)

Merry Christmas Praying Friends!

This will be our second Holiday season in the UK. It's hard to realise that we aren't going to see family this year but we are so grateful for techonology that will allow us to connect in a small way.
After a six-nine month settling process, this Christmas marks one full year of trying to find our ministry feet here in this new culture. If we are honest, we are feeling quite exhausted as the learning curve in huge. We'd like to ask you to pray for our family as we and our team work through a process of finding refreshment, refeuling, and reorganizing of energy expenditure.

We were privileged to have a ministry consultant from Cadence International come and spend some time with us as a team. He accessed our personal functioning and team dynamics and gave us much help in getting this process started. We are doing this so that we can serve in more healthy ways and hopefully, succeed in cross-cultural ministry for the long haul. Though we are tired, God is at work in our hearts and we honesty feel grateful for the new ways we are growing.

You can expect some key commuication pieces from us in January as we have many exciting stories to tell. We are so grateful for all of you, our supporters, who are on this journey with us to make an impact in the UK. May God bless you all with a very joyful Christmas!!

In Christ,
The Lothamers
Posted: 12/3/2012  Expires: 1/2/2013

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