December 2012 Update

Andy & Diane Large  (1974)

Dear Prayer Partners,

As Jehoshaphat and all Judah and Jerusalem faced a formidable enemy (3 nations) they prayed with fasting. The Lord answered their prayers as the Word of victory was given by the Lord through Jahaziel. Jehoshaphat and all Jerusalem and Judah broke out with praise: “Praise the Lord, for His mercy endures forever.” In victory faith they went out with singing and praise to the Lord to see the Lord give them the victory Blizzard. (2 Chronicles 20)

We understand blizzards of snow this time of year might not bring thoughts of praise to the Lord, but Spiritual Blizzards are wonderful as we are protected and promised of God’s care. We are shut in His complete “mercy which endures forever.” This season we remember Christ’s incarnation, which is a mighty proof of God’s immeasurable mercy to Humanity!

Break out with praise and singing for blizzards of blessings…
• From the Stilecroft Christian School we hear very exciting news of changing lives of young people and children from parents and youth alike.
• The Ladies having made decisions for Christ are growing in the Lord, even through persecution.
• The monthly Sunday “Vespers and Fellowship” for our new and other unreached friends is well attended and giving excellent opportunity to share Gospel truth through a study of the Names of God. Several adults prayed to receive Christ as Savior and Lord in the October meeting.
• God has opened a tremendous offer for purchase of land for the E.C.C. Church. With U.S. and Canadian gifts (Gideon Warriors) in the ABWE E.C.C. Church account plus sacrificial gifts from Nicaraguan believers we would be able to pay $80,000 of the $165,000 purchase price. We would then have 18 months to pay off the rest, without interest. After 8 years of praying and searching we are seeing God’s timing and blessing perfectly for the E.C.C. Baptist Church. The seller of the property is a dear neighbor and new sister in Christ.
• This December four of the E.C.C. young people graduate from Bible schools in Argentina and Peru and return for ministry in Nicaragua.

Burdens for fasting and prayer…
• We need God’s help and wisdom as steps are made toward Church property acquisition.
• Continued ministry impact in the E.C.C. Baptist Church and Stilecroft Christian School.
• Supply for a ticket to visit Caballo Cocha, Peru, and assist with preaching and counseling in important vision and care-taking decisions in late January.

We will rejoice with you in our Lord’s Blizzards of Blessing as we look to Him. Diane and I are so blessed by knowing you are backing us, your “sent ones” for over 38 years. We are confident our Lord is observing your faith and love as you have sacrificially given from the first day ‘til now.

You all have been a Blizzard of Blessing to us,
Andy & Diane Large

Posted: 12/3/2012  Expires: 1/2/2013

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