November 2012 Update

Daniel & Elizabeth Ransom  (2006)

Dear friend,

Liz and I have so many reasons to be thankful! We serve a gracious God who has saved us and brought us to Italy to serve Him. He has used many of His children to make it possible for us to live and minister here, and we are thankful to Him for you!

In this fall season we have been staying busy with our ministry responsabilities, but also taking time to enjoy life together as a family. Along with my work of overseeing our media outreaches, this semester I have been leading and teaching the youth group while Jonathan and Melodee are in the U.S. reporting to their supporting churches. I am thankful to have Liz involved with me in this area of the ministry, along with Massimo, one of our colleagues. The Lord has shown His mercy during the teaching time which comes at the end of a busy week. If you think of it, we meet at 8:30 on Friday evening (2:30 PM EST); please pray that the Holy Spirit would use the Word of God to edify and convict of sin.

The pastors of Centro Evangelico Battista are thankful that we continue to see solid turnout during our monthly men's Bible study. It is our belief that the future leaders of our local church will come from this group of men. The men meet every third Sunday at 6 PM (noon EST). Please pray for growth in these men.

We are thankful for the many opportunities to proclaim the message of salvation in central Italy. Recently our youth group distributed 4,000 church brochures and Scripture calendar offers to attendees of a local fair. There are many cities and towns in Umbria without a Gospel-preaching church. Please pray as we consider sites for future church plants.

Liz continues to disciple several women, and then teach a Bible study on Thursday afternoons to a group of moms of young children. I am thankful for how she manages her responsabilities as wife, mother, and missionary. Please pray for both of us as we seek to bring up our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

We are thankful that Cristina is doing well in her second year of Italian school. She is making progress in her Italian, as well as her social skills. We are thankful that Elisa is doing well in her growth and development. Please pray for both of them to love God.

Liz, Cristina, Elisa and I are thankful that the Lord has blessed us with another member of the family, who is scheduled to arrive towards the end of next May. Please pray for Liz as she carries this child, and for a safe arrival. There are no Dunkin' Donuts in Italy, so we will need to be sure we make it to the hospital in time.

Thank you again for your part in our ministry. May your time of giving thanks be significant.

The Ransoms
Daniel, Elizabeth, Cristina, Elisa, and ...

Posted: 11/28/2012  Expires: 12/28/2012

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