November 2012 Update

Paul & Elaine Kintner  (1965)

Dear Prayer Partners,

In our service last Sunday evening, everyone participated mentioning things for which they are thankful; salvation, the Holy Spirit, God’s Word, good preaching and teaching, family, friends, fellowship, health, jobs, safety, etc. All these things are made possible only through the “unspeakable gift”, Jesus Christ. We enjoyed a wonderful day in the Lord’s house, with a fellowship dinner following the morning service. There were many visitors, some new, and some who returned to the Lord’s house after a long time. We pray they will return and be faithful to the Lord.

We had just returned from three weeks away from our church, visiting supporting churches in New York State, as well as a visit to our daughter and family in Vermont between the first two Sundays. We were not near the devastating hurricane Sandy, though concerned for many loved ones affected by it. In fact, most of the time the weather was warmer and clearer than in Winston-Salem. We are glad to be home again. We were blessed to be with three churches that have faithfully prayed and supported us for many years.

The transition to the new pastor is going well, and our absence brought out the best in the church. Other than occasional preaching and teaching, the leadership is entirely in the hands of the pastor and people. Many improvements were made in our absence; new flooring and paint in the main bathrooms, new wood floor in one of the classrooms, and paint in two classrooms. Several of the folks are out visiting and inviting people, and Paul is no longer driving a church van on Sunday mornings (though willing to help!).

We mentioned in our last letter that Paul has been invited to preach at the anniversary of a church in Trujillo, Peru where we ministered for several years. As we traveled recently to New York during three weeks, Elaine has concluded that her health condition which previously hindered her from being able to travel has improved considerably, to where she feels she is able to accompany me on this trip to Peru. Therefore we are making plans to travel together. Elaine has not been back to Trujillo, except passing through since 1981.

Concerning the bookstore, we have begun the liquidation process by offering our stock at discount prices. We have written to all the Hispanic churches we know of nearby (over 40) informing of the decision and the discounts, and plan to close at the end of December. Meanwhile Paul will visit the English bookstores in the city that have Spanish shelves, offering them what is left, and asking them to increase their Spanish literature sections. Our main concern is for the distribution of our Sunday School Literature which can be acquired on the internet, however few Hispanics use the internet.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for this ministry.

In His service,
Paul & Elaine
Posted: 11/28/2012  Expires: 12/28/2012

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