November 2012 Update

Dale & Karen Marshfield  (1977)

Dear Prayer Partners,

We thank God for your financial and prayer support in 2012. It has made it possible for me to provide training for Christian leaders in Montreal, Canada; Yangon, Myanmar; Ho, Ghana; Lome, Togo; Manila, Philippines; Iloilo, Philippines; Cape Town and Durban, South Africa; and Montego Bay, Jamaica. This has involved travelling 70,000+ miles, which is actually down from 2010 & 2011. In all of the places I mentioned I have been working with ministry training programs helping develop their faculty, their curriculum, or teaching men and women preparing for Christian leadership.

The skills and training we are delivering are not easy to grasp and master, but I have been blessed to see the effort faculty members invest in acquiring them. The old saying is, "You cannot teach an old dog new tricks," and while I am not saying the people we work with are old, they are experienced. They are also busy (overworked is probably a better word); so even desired change is difficult. Please pray that God would give these teachers the energy and motivation to pursue change so they can be more effective teachers and mentors. They are developing the next generation of Christian leaders in their countries.

Here are some important pray requests:
1. I am currently working on the development of six courses that will be rolled out in 2013. I am developing some of these on my own, and some with a team.

2. My trip to Liberia this month was cancelled because of issues in that country. In some respect this is providential since my travel funds are very low. I believe ITE can be a great help to colleges and seminaries in Liberia, but the issues need to be sorted out before we can begin. Pray for our ABWE missionaries who are working all this through.

3. I have a very full travel schedule starting in January. Pray that God will provide the funds for these trips. I will work with a new college in South Africa (Pietermaritzburg) in January, schools in India in February, Asia Biblical Theological Seminary in Feburary March, my last trip to Doane and BBS&I in the Philippines in March and April, and then a number of new schools in the Philippines in the later part of April. The training we are delivering is greately needed in all of these places. We are one of the few organizations making this type of faculty and institutional development available to overseas schools. But, it cannot happen without your support. Thanks for praying about this.

Funds needed for 2013 Training Ministries: $13,000.00

This is a lot of money, but when you consider the number of people we are able to train, and the number of people who sit in their classrooms, or attend their churches, it is a worthwhile investment. I believe that if you pray about this, God will accomplish His plan for this ministry and those we serve.

In Christ,
Dale & Karen
Posted: 11/28/2012  Expires: 12/28/2012

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