November 2012 Update

Lloyd & Martha Larkin  (1968)

Greetings again from Mormon Country!

We are encouraged that so many of our people are now witnessing to friends, family, coworkers, and caregivers. An LDS nurse indicates he has received the Lord. Amen! But he fears losing his wife and family when he publicly confesses his faith. His concern is well founded. Please pray for Dave. Our church web site continues to receive heavy traffic with visitors spending thirty minutes or more per session and downloading a variety of evangelistic articles. The afternoon of each fourth Sunday, a good number of our people are going out with door hangers to promote the web site. Business card versions of the door hangers are also being distributed. Please pray for the Lord to bless this seed sowing with fruit. “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease” (Genesis 8:22).

Our faithful organist and friend, an older gentleman, regrets he simply cannot continue. Please pray for a replacement, God willing. In a nonexistent world church members only come and never leave. So, we seriously solicit your prayers as we respond to the reality of continuing turnover. God is at work. Literally at the same time I was on the phone with yet another departing friend, a call came in informing me a new family of eight had decided to join with us. They are now in place, bringing excellent spiritual maturity and servants’ hearts (teaching, preaching, song leading, and more). Three more new-to-us believers are attending regularly. Pray for Paul and Laura Fulks, BMM appointees on deputation for ministry in our area. Their Easter (?) arrival will be a huge boost.

As anticipated, the summer and fall months have been typically active. Three short term groups came along side to help. We are thrilled to report one of our campers was apparently saved and the Lord gave us another excellent VBS. If you have left over items from the 2012 VBS Bug Zone series, we need them for next summer. Please contact Marty at Another real highlight of the summer was assisting locally in the wedding of a young lady whose parents minister in Israel. An unsaved Israeli couple was present and the ceremony was streamed live to Israel where perhaps 30-40 more Israelis viewed the proceedings and heard the message of salvation. Additionally, my police chaplaincy has recently included comforting a family in the especially difficult loss of their ten year old son and delivering the invocation in the presence of several dignitaries at a well attended promotion ceremony. Since our last letter I have also been able to report to valued supporters in Indiana, Canada, New Jersey, and Delaware. We welcome opportunities to arrange dates for future reports, conferences, seminars, evangelistic meetings, etc.

In August at the Baptist Mid-Missions Team North America Enrichment Conference held in Iowa, Lloyd was chosen Group Leader for the next two years, serving with missionary representatives from church planting, campus, Messianic, Native American, and Mormon focus ministries.

Two ladies in our mission church are expecting babies soon (December and February). I know Wendy and Teresa will appreciate your prayers. While we’re on the medical page, Marty is experiencing increasingly painful episodes and needs your prayers. I feel almost guilty but grateful that my recent annual physical turned out well, though at the moment I am being treated for an apparent ear infection and a related hearing loss expected to be temporary. Upheld by the grace of God we consider it an inexpressible privilege to serve Him and you in this place. Thank you from the depths of our hearts for your faithful financial support, fellowship, and friendship.

In Christ,
Lloyd & Martha
Posted: 11/19/2012  Expires: 12/19/2012

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