November 2012

Maicol & Mandy Venter  (2008)

Porto Alegre

We vacationed in November with our friends from church. We enjoyed the time to relax before the holidays start up and then the baby comes!

Last month through a series of God ordained events, we were able to purchase a car! In a short span of weeks we saw really neat doors open for us to receive most of the money back from our first vehicle which was returned to the salesman and purchase another vehicle which we are so blessed to have. We will save the whole story to tell you face to face, because it really is neat! Thankful for a car after a whole year!

We have made it into the 8th month of pregnancy healthy and going strong! We are so thankful for being sustained in God's strength because these days of ministry have kept us busy. Pregnancy has been delightful and we are looking forward to the final months. We can’t wait to meet our first daughter!

Ministry opportunities have come knocking on our doors, so to speak. Maicol has enjoyed the opportunities to share from God's word at church and also in discipleship settings. We are seeing really neat things happening in the lives of our friends at church. God is doing exciting work in the hearts of many around us. So thankful to be a part of it all!

Mandy has developed great new friendships with co-workers. They threw her a surprise baby shower! The girls’ bible study continues to meet and study the book of Ruth, continue to pray for Mandy as she works hard to teach and study in Portuguese. We hosted a Youth Game Night at our house with a wonderful turn out. Many have asked that we do it again!

We suffered the loss of a dear friend. He was one of the first attenders when our church was formed a few years ago. He was 65 when he was taken home suddenly to Heaven on a Sunday morning. His family also attends our church. We have been blessed and deeply challenged as we have suffered through with this family in the sudden loss of a husband and father. His daughter and son-in-law are our very closest friends at church, we have spent lots of time with them and also with his wife. We had already planned to vacation together with his daughter and son-in-law before he passed away. As we have just returned from that week together in Recife, Brazil, we were able to share a very enjoyable and reflective time together. And we were happy that this man’s wife, could come along with us. Please continue to pray for our friends as they adjust to this new phase of life. The greatest thanks we have this month is the assurance that this man entered directly into the presence of His beloved Savior. To be welcomed into God’s presence when our days on earth come to an end is a gift that none of us deserve, and yet God so freely gives it to those of us who seek Him. Praise be to God.

We are thankful for all of you, more than you know. Just as God has been gracious to us, you too have blessed us with your prayers and financial support in a generous way. We are facing difficult financial times, as are you. We cannot thank you enough for your faithful giving to us in the face of economic crisis for many.

Pray with us that we will be diligent to do the work set before us, and that we will leave the outcome in the Lord’s hands. We pray for you as well, that you would be thankful, all year, for the many ways The Lord cares for the details of your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

By His Grace,
Maicol and Mandy Venter

Posted: 11/19/2012  Expires: 12/19/2012

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