November 2012 Update

Doug & Cheryl Boisvert  (1982)

Dear Prayer Partners,

IN THIS time of Thanksgiving, we give thanks to God for so many things, not the least of which is the work of God in each of you as you grow in your relationship with Him and serve Him in His local body. Like God, you have extended undeserved favor upon us, and again we say, “Thank you!”


In fact, it’s been just over a year since EBM collapsed, and you, our supporters, rallied to see that God’s work through TRI-M Africa and the Boisverts would continue! It was a very full 12 months, and we were able to visit many of our supporting churches while still traveling and teaching overseas on our regular Tri-M schedule. Praise the Lord, and our thanks to you!
We have not heard any new details about the closure of EBM. When and if we do, we will pass them on to you. We do praise God for the 15 years we benefited from serving with EBM. If you would like answers to specific questions, please feel free to call us directly at 765-398-0342, and we will try to help. Please note the change of our home phone number.

Under Founder and Director Dr. David Haag, Tri-M has moved ahead and is in the process of incorporating the ministry’s name and program. We hope to finalize our policies and documents at the 2013 Tri-M annual meeting this January. This will help assure that Tri-M’s name will be protected and its focus to continue serving God and our brethren worldwide will be sharpened. Grace Global Ministries (GGM) in Ohio has wonderfully assisted us to be able to carry out our ministry. We will stay with this mission board and continue to benefit from their handling of the difficult, yet necessary, responsibilities that you our supporters & we share. The transition from EBM to GGM has been a smooth one, and GGM personnel have been so very helpful in freeing us up to teach and minister as God has called us. Please continue sending our support to GGM.


I (Doug) will travel to Africa again on November 28 and return on December 12. Often, after being gone for weeks at a time, as I first walk through the door of our home church, I am asked “So when are you leaving next?” While that’s not the most welcoming question, it does bring warm thoughts of the way in which our churches participate in God’s ministry through us.

On my next trip, I will be joining and co-teaching with Rwandan Pastor Emmanuel in South Sudan. It has been a number of years since we’ve been able to teach together. The exciting thing about this is seeing the African men becoming involved in other training sites. They often benefit from seeing what God is doing in other tribes and countries, but it means they must also learn to teach cross-culturally.

We believe this will provide a better network of trainers to multiply resources a little “closer to home.” Last June, there were 63 students attending the Tri-M teaching module. Many of them also attend the local monthly training sessions being organized in Morobo, South Sudan; however, pastors and church leaders who are serious about having in-depth Bible studies available have often lacked training materials. It was exciting to see them respond to the notes and concentrated teaching during the week of classes. This trip will assist them in developing curriculum and evaluating which courses Sudanese leaders should begin teaching between our visits.

Thanks to a generous gift to the ministry, Doug will be bringing a new laptop computer for the Sudanese leaders to use in translating our notes into the tribal language. (They had already translated two courses Doug taught in June, but were unable to find anyone capable of preparing it for printing without major mistakes.) The laptop will allow them to translate text directly into a document for printing. They have also requested a solar panel that could charge and power the laptop. They do have a generator, but the fuel is very expensive. If anyone knows specific information about such a panel, we would love to hear about it, since it’s beyond our expertise. (Please do not just google general information and send Web links to us.) Thanks in advance!

Cheryl’s “View from the Cuddle Bus”

There Really is No Kilimanjaro

As we were travelling on what would become our 11 hour bus trip from Arusha to Morogoro, we passed by Kilimanjaro – the highest peak in Africa. Or should I say, we passed by what “they” said was Kilimanjaro. Can’t prove it by me. I could only see clouds, and what might have been small foothills. At other times, we have seen what looks to be a flat gray mist like what can be seen on a morning at the ocean. Was the bus really taking us to the ocean? In fact, every time I have been by that alleged mountain, she was unwilling to show herself to me. That is, if she really exists. Nothing I can see would indicate that a mountain of her size is there. I have passed billboards displaying her picture, and we have bought bottles of water and tea bags containing her picture. Is it all a ruse? People we trust- local people, and Matt from our church, all say that she is there. In fact Matt went all the way to the top, even after his guard succumbed to altitude sickness. So he says—he believes it is real. I guess that's OK for them.

Thirty years ago, a woman in Wisconsin showed me a pressed flower from her family’s time in East Africa. She claims that her 12 year old son had climbed Kilimanjaro, and brought back to her an edelweiss from the climb. She was quite moved by the whole thing. But maybe there is another explanation, even though she was convinced? Perhaps she was mistaken, and really meant the Matterhorn on a trip to the Alps? But in spite of the testimonies of those who seem to believe in her existence, her majesty, or her rock solid presence, I had nothing empirical by which to conclude that there really is a Kilimanjaro. But I kept looking, and hoping, that it was really as others had said, because they seemed so convinced.

Then one day, as we were on a flight from Kilimanjaro to Uganda, I had been gazing down on Mount Meru, where we had taught one module. I had seen Meru from our guest house, so I knew that she was there, and I had been looking to see her from a different perspective. Then suddenly, to the east of Meru, I happened to glimpse a snow capped crest of another mountain gleaming in the sun. It looked like a snowy island in a sea of cumulous clouds. Well, what do you know? It seems that all this time there really IS a Kilimanjaro! It occurred to me that we often treat God in the same way. We hear tell of His power, glory, goodness and love, but remain skeptical until He reveals himself to us. But we must really want to know Him for that to happen. He has said,“ ‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart,’ “ Jeremiah 29:11-13

God offers us a give and take relationship with the Maker of Mountains, if only we are willing to look for it. Kilimanjaro was wonderful to see, but can do nothing more for me. But God? Now a relationship with Him is just plain Awesome.
So --yes, there really is a Kilimanjaro. Better yet, there really is the God who made her and wants you to know Him.

1) You, our partners in God's work through TRI-M Africa.
2) our faithful African partners in training. We have learned a lot from them!
3) the ability to see God's persistent, loving Hand in the lives of our family.

1) developing vision and curriculum with the Sudanese on December's trip.
2) Pastor Emmanuel as he teaches with Doug. That God would expand his vision for training throughout East Africa.
3) Strategic meeting on Dec.'s trip of African trainers from 3 countries, discussing training approaches both locally and cooperatively.

In Christ,
Doug & Cheryl

November 27 Update

Greetings praying friends,

I (Doug) leave Wednesday for teaching in South Sudan and then a strategic meeting in Uganda of trainers from at least 3 countries to discuss what is being done and what might be done yet in training men for the ministry.
As mentioned in my prayer letter, I will be joining and co-teaching with Rwandan Pastor Emmanuel in South Sudan. Last week he texted me that they were listening to bullets and missiles flying over their house in Rwanda Congo border. Rebels were fighting to take over Goma but stray gun fire and missiles were threatening Pastor and his family over the border. Things seem to have settled now and he is comfortable leaving his family with his father-in-law while teaching with me. Please pray for his family to be safe especially while Emmanuel is away serving God with me.

The strategic meeting is the second week and we believe this will provide a better network of trainers to multiply resources a little “closer to home.” This trip will assist them in developing curriculum and evaluating which courses the Africans leaders should teach between our visits. Please join us in prayer for safe travel of these African men and a clear communication of both the struggles and victories in each training site represented

Thank you for holding this ministry up to the LORD in prayer!.

Striving to Serve Christ,
Doug Boisvert, D. Min.
Tri-M Eastern and Central African Director
sent out by Springville Baptist Church, PA

"To this end I also labor, striving according to His working..." (Colossians 1:29)

Posted: 11/19/2012  Expires: 12/19/2012

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