November 2012 Update

Ed & Dorothy Woods  (1971)

Dear Friends,

The leaves have gone, the snow is coming, and we’re rejoicing in the change of seasons. Life consists of movement. Here are a few of the “comings and goings” in our lives recently. Please keep these matters in prayer.

Family: God brought Samantha Marie Maldonado into our lives Sept. 25. The love and joy she has already brought is amazing! However, after she, Antonio, and Deb “evacuated” to avoid Hurricane Sandy, she went from our house to the hospital in RI. Praise God that the bacterial infection which developed from eczema is being treated and Samantha is back home now. Please pray for
complete healing.

Son David is going….overseas to a difficult place for six months. He is planning to visit us over Veterans’ Day weekend, which will be very special for us. Please keep him—and all our military personnel—in your prayers. Grandson Brendan is neither coming nor going, but waiting. He still doesn’t have an appointment
with the necessary pediatric gastroenterologist, so please do ask God to care for him as well.

Students: Some are coming, some are going. Recently two dads and their 12 year old daughters began attending classes, along with another couple. Monday afternoons Dorothy meets with the girls
to help with their homework. Imagine entering a Chinese middle school halfway through the semester, not knowing anyone and not confident of language skills. We trust this time together will be useful in many ways. Two students are returning, leaving us to miss them and pray for God’s working in their lives. X wrote “I think you are like family to me. I hope the time can stop, let me stay here with you.” “Bo” leaves Nov. 20. He has progressed from “I don’t believe” to “I really believe God. I pray to Him very much.” Though they are going, God’s Word can remain in their hearts and bring change. Others are staying, at least for several months. Three have young families with them, so we are trying to engage the moms as well. Recently one of our church families hosted a hayride and a visit
to their dairy farm. It was memorable for all 23 who attended!

PLEASE NOTE: Juno is going! Gmail has come! Please change our email address to:

May we each be aware of God’s movement of people into our lives so that we can flexibly and joyfully invest in them. People need the Lord. Whom has God brought into your life recently?

In His service,
Posted: 11/14/2012  Expires: 12/14/2012

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