November 2012 Update

Larry & Sallie Fogle  (2001)

Dear friends,


Our passports still remain at the Indian Embassy in Washington DC. It has now been seven and a half weeks since they were submitted. Embassy personnel still have not identified any problems which have delayed the visas; they say only “not yet approved.” We have left our passports with them as long as possible to continue through the visa process, because we still want the visas for future trips. However Larry leaves for JAMAICA on November 16, and of course he needs his passport before that trip! Therefore we are taking steps to ask the Indian Embassy to release our passports this Friday, with or without visas.

Our travel agent told us today that we have a remaining credit of about $4,050 from our cancelled INDIA tickets (after loss of some value due to cancellation policies and change-of-ticket fees). That amount is being held for us by the airlines as a credit, and may be applied toward the next tickets we must buy.


Pastor Scott Williquette, pastor of First Baptist Church of Rockford IL, was scheduled to be my team-teacher on this trip, and his wife Vicki was to provide special music with the flute and keyboard (over and over again!) in the conferences and church meetings where Scott would speak. They applied for their visas through the Indian Embassy in Chicago and received theirs promptly, so they were able to proceed to INDIA. Like us, the Williquettes hoped we would catch up with them but in time reconciled themselves to God’s plan that we would not join them at all on this trip.

We were not surprised to hear that Pastor Scott and Vicki handled the ministry in INDIA very capably without us. They taught and provided special music in two four-day conferences for Indian pastors, other church leaders, and Bible college students – one conference in Silchar (in the state of Assam) and the other in Churachandpur (in the state of Manipur). In the conferences Pastor Scott spoke on the theme, “Straight Talk for the Local Church,” and responded to many questions in some dedicated Q&A time. In addition, they ministered in a number of local churches in both locations.

Let me quote from an email sent me by one of the Indian leaders responsible for the second conference: “We had a great time with Pastor Scott with his wife. We praise God for his commitment for the extension of God's Kingdom. He is a man who is full of zeal and passion for the Lord. His subjects are excellent. He was well received by the people. We will welcome him as long as he is willing to come. He is quickly friendly with everyone.”

We are so thankful to the Williquettes’ church for allowing them to be gone for three full weeks to serve the church in INDIA, and to Pastor Scott and Vicki themselves for being willing to serve in this way – and for their cheerful spirits to accept the circumstances and bear the extra burden of serving without us!


Larry is going to JAMAICA for a two-week module class on “Hebrews” to the students at Fairview Baptist Bible College. In addition, he will speak at area churches as scheduled for him. He will be cooperating with two BMM missionary couples, Cletis and Tammy Titus and Ken and Cléa Rathbun, but will be largely on his own at the college during the week – we understand that he will stay in an on-campus apartment and will eat his meals with the students in the cafeteria.

Nov 7-11 Missions Conf, Shenandoah Bapt Ch, Roanoke VA
Nov 16 – Dec 3 PEP MINISTRY TRIP TO JAMAICA (ticket in hand)
Dec 9 am Courtland Mission Fellowship, Rockford MI
Dec 9 pm Available for meeting in western MI
Dec 10-15 R&R with family in MI
Dec 16 Granger Bapt Ch, Granger IN
Jan 5-20 PEP MINISTRY TRIP TO HAITI (ticket in hand)
Jan 30 – Feb 18 PEP MINISTRY TRIP TO CHAD with Sallie (need to buy tickets by Nov 12)

1. Pray for the release of our passports from the Indian Embassy in time for Larry’s trip to JAMAICA (Nov 16 – Dec 3), and for God’s blessing on his ministry there.
2. Pray for wisdom in scheduling additional PEP ministry trips and meetings in American churches for 2013.
3. Pray for God’s provision of the estimated $3,200 still needed to cover all anticipated expenses for the February PEP trip to CHAD.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed and given to make it possible for us to do the work God has called us to do. We are grateful for your love and prayers!

Larry and Sallie

November 12 Update

Dear friends,

As of this morning we have our passports back in our hands! After a full eight weeks they were released by the Indian Embassy last Friday as we had officially requested, then were forwarded to us by Travisa. And both passports have Indian visas in them! However, instead of the ten-year visa I requested they gave me only the same six-month visa they gave Sallie. At least we have our passports back so I can travel to JAMAICA this Friday! Thank you to you who prayed about this problem.

I have just sent an email to my Indian contacts to let them know that we now have the short-term visas for INDIA and to ask if they want to schedule something for us within that six-month period. Later we will re-apply for a long-term visa to INDIA. But before we do that we will apply for a second US passport, so that I can submit one to the Indian Embassy and leave it there as long as necessary while I travel with the second one. (Yes, that is legal! The US government makes provision for a second passport for those who run into complications because of extensive travel.)

1. Praise the Lord for the return of our passports and for the six-month visas granted to us for now.

1. Pray for God’s blessing on Larry’s PEP ministry trip to JAMAICA November 16 (this Friday) – December 3.
2. Pray for God’s will about scheduling a PEP ministry trip to INDIA within six months, and elsewhere for the rest of 2013.
3. Pray for God’s provision of the estimated $2,550 needed to cover the remaining costs of our February PEP trip to CHAD. We have what we need now to buy the international tickets, but there are some additional costs: interior flights, visas, printing and binding class notes, etc. The major expense is flying on from the capital to our destination in the south by private plane (Missionary Aviation Fellowship). The two-and-a-half-hour flight to get us there will cost an estimated $1,000, plus another $1,000 for the flight to pick us up two weeks later. Making the trip south on a “luxury” bus would be significantly cheaper, but the missionaries have advised us against it due to the many high-speed bus accidents, the bandits who sometimes target the buses, and the additional wear-and-tear on us from the twelve-hour ride. We are committed to flying down by MAF, if God will supply the funds.

Once again we thank you for your love, your prayers and your support. We could not do what we do without you!

Larry and Sallie

Posted: 11/13/2012  Expires: 12/13/2012

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