November 2012 Update

Jane Schmitz  (1983)

Dear Prayer Partners,

This is just a quick note for those of you who haven’t seen messages on Facebook. I thank you for your prayers for me. On Friday morning I started having abdominal pain. I thought it may just be a flu bug or something. In the end I had appendicitis and had surgery at 5am on Saturday. I am so thankful that I was in the states for this surgery. I am thankful for those who prayed, others who came by and those who helped me. My sister , Joan is usually around, but is presently away in Tampa and so I started out on this adventure alone. I found someone from church that could drive me to the ER and then had to wait 6 hours before seeing a doctor. They were swamped. My other sister, Gail came down to be with me after surgery and I am now up at my Father’s house for rest , recovery and to vote. I am doing well. I am still tired, but not experiencing much pain. I even walked 1 mile today. The one regret I have is that I had to cancel speaking at new baby church. I hope I can reschedule that before I leave.

Please be praying for

Continued healing after surgery

• More pulmonary testing for the shortness of breath. I was tested for blood clots and that is negative.
• The ABWE project in Biteng , that God would give us wisdom and direction.

Thanks for your faithful prayers.
Jane Schmitz

November 19 Update

Dear Prayer Partners,

News from Africa:
 Larissa, my first spiritual daughter in Cameroon was married in 2011 and she and her husband Daniel have a new baby boy named Daniel, born in October . We are thankful as her first pregnancy in marriage was a miscarriage. Daniel is finishing his seminary training.
 Pastor Titi informs me that he continues to evangelize the Olembe area and plans on starting Sunday services in January. He would appreciate your prayers. He is also limited financially.
 A dear brother in Christ that came out of Islam has recently led his Muslim grandmother to Christ. His family had disowned him because of his decision years ago. Recently, due to illness and a number of dreams of a King who could make his grandmother “pure” , she made a special request to hear about this King from her grandson. Even though his life was in danger to go, he went, she heard the gospel and now she knows Jesus as her Savior.

 Wonderful and encouraging moments in my supporting churches. It is exciting to see God at work even in the United States.
 My support is at 99%. I have received so many generous one time gifts as well. Praising God for the 9 churches and 19 individuals that support me faithfully.
 For God’s timing and healing in my recent appendectomy surgery.
 Wonderful moments with some sisters in Christ through sharing, prayer and Bible study.

Prayer Requests:
 More health testing in December. I need medical clearance from the mission before I can leave for the field.
 Safety and adjustment as I plan on returning January 8, 2013 to Yaoundé, Cameroon. I will go back to having limited water once again. No fun!!
 Decisions and direction for our team’s work in Biteng.

In Christ,
Jane Schmitz
Posted: 11/12/2012  Expires: 12/12/2012

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