November 2012 Update

Chris & Donna Sadowitz  (1985)

Dear Prayer Warriors,
“GOMENASAI” is an oft used Japanese word meaning, “forgive me,” and “I'm sorry I caused you trouble,” and signifies an apology and a lowering of ones self in relationship to another. It is a beautiful picture of the relationship that Christians are to have one toward another. “Forgiving one another and serving one another in the bonds of the love of Christ.” In the hustle and bustle of coaching high school soccer, visiting supporting churches, linking up with area pastors for a winter conference, teaching in our home church, mentoring a few college age folks and just enjoying God's magnificent autumn in the North East, I FORGOT TO WRITE THE OCTOBER PRAYER LETTER!

No wonder we have been beset by struggles without and worry within. When I do not pray and do not remain abiding in the Vine life becomes tough. John points this out rather clearly and simply with his analogy of a vine in John chapter 15. “I am the vine and you are the branches. He who abides in me bears much fruit . . . for apart from me you can do nothing.” Ministry, as D. Michael Henderson Points out in his book, Making Disciples: One conversation at a time, is not something you go into, but something that comes out of you. A branch does not bear fruit of its own initiative. Its connection to the vine is what enables it to bear fruit and produce more branches. Life giving sap flows from the vine into the branches and fruit is the natural consequence of abiding.

Busyness is the culprit in my life - doing rather than abiding. God never intended that anything would happen in my own strength, with my own planning and my own abilities. If I could do that it would be the branch getting the glory and in God's reality it doesn’t work that way. He desires that we come to the end of ourselves and learn to rely on Him and trust in His power and lean on His abilities and do it His way so He gets all the glory. “TODOMARU” is the Japanese word for abide. It is the opposite of busyness which is usually characterized as “running around like a chicken with its head cut off.” Paul takes John’s analogy of the vine and replaces it with the human body. We need to remain connected to the head of the body which is Jesus!

Lastly, John uses the command form of the verb. TODOMARINASAI! You Remain! Not optional even in this fast passed hurricane like culture. Not optional for furloughing missionaries. Gomenasai, Lord Jesus, help me to remain in you. Amen.

Prayer and Praise
1. God has decided that Rota return home November 5th as Homeland Security has not processed his student visa quickly enough. We plan to fly him back here November 11th to continue with his education at Central Baptist Christian Academy. We praise God for the growth we have seen in his life thus far.
2. Please pray that Rota can encourage the saints back in Japan and share Christ with his parents.
3. Praise God for a beautiful fall and fun for Chris (as coach), Rota and Michelle (as players), Naomi (as cheerleader) and Donna (as fan, mom and launderer).
4. Please pray for Aya, a teen girl in our youth group, (friend of Michelle and Rota) as her mother passed into a Christ-less eternity last week.
5. Please pray for the growth of our Japanese disciples and for the growth of those to whom we minister to in the Triples Cities area.
6. Please pray for new partners who will help support the work financially in Japan.

Thanks for partnering with us,
Chris & Donna

Posted: 11/12/2012  Expires: 12/12/2012

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