November 2012 Update

Jake & Sandy Schrader  (1976)

Hi Praying Friends,

As the Lord spoke to the church at Philadelphia, Behold, I have put before you AN OPEN DOOR which no one can shut, because you have a little power, and have kept My word, and have not denied My name." Rev. 3:8. Well, our Lord continues to swing open doors and we are asking you to keep praying them open.

AN OPEN DOOR: We have been praying about replacing our stolen gate. It was electrified and moved on rollers (the whole nine yards). We paid close to $900.00 when it was first made and installed almost 6 years ago. That's a lot of bucks, so we sought the Lord if He could do it for about $500.00. Mokete knew a man who works with iron in Hani Park. He knew of us because we have worked with his son. Mokete introduced him to me. I asked him if he could do the job. He assured me he could. We had priced the materials for the iron gate ( out here iron has turned out the cheapest way to go). I told him how much the materials were going to cost which worked out to $333.25. (that's dollars not rands). I know the little family and they have very little as do many in extension 21. I asked Paul to give me a price. He told me he would think about it and get back to me. I did not mention our request before the Lord. The next day I spoke with him via Mokete's cell phone. He said he would do the job for R.1500.00 ($187.50). I said are you sure??? He said, "Pastor that is my price, take it or leave it!" I said, "I'll take it, I'll take it!" I think it had something to do with how much we had helped his son, Little Jacob over the past 5 years. Mokete and I got the materials to him. I thought he might get it done in a week or so. Folks, he had it finished by the very next day!!! The man knew of the Zama Zamas that were stealing and assaulting people all over our area. There was no time to waste! I'm sure our security man, Pasca's prayers were answered as well. Men helped us remove our baakie's canopy and we got this massive and heavy gate on the back of the truck. Paul and our Restore guys were able to get it installed the same day it was finished. I knew Paul, the iron worker expected to be paid the same day the job was completed soooooooo I put it on our credit card. Sandy and I had prayed for $500.00 the total has come to $520.75. Gordon, a Christian brother and friend of ours is going to electrify the gate with the fence. We are not expecting him to do this "Mahalla" (Sotho for free). So we are asking the Lord for $600.00. Pray with us. IS HE ABLE? You know the answer to that one.

AN OPEN DOOR: Well, by about 5:00 P.M. we got back over to Mokete's shanty and got the canopy back on my baakie (pick up truck). Paid Paul, the iron worker in full. P.T.L.! Then one of the guys struck up a conversation with me. It was with a young man named Lawrence. He had played on our King's Eagles football team a couple of years ago. He had remembered a conversation we had together (I honestly didn't remember it, folks). He had bought himself a Bible, read it and prayed on a regular basis and had joined a church. But he told me he was still very troubled. We talked on and finally I said to him, "Lawrence, your still missing it!" He said, "What am I missing, Pastor?" "The free gift of God that is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." Soon we were praying together as Lawrence called on Jesus Christ to save him. A few minutes after that his eyes were filled with tears as his big hands covered his mouth in amazement. Then Lawrence, Mokete and I prayed together as brothers in Christ. Now was that AN OPEN DOOR or was that AN OPEN DOOR? Amen? Amen! PRAY for Lawrence's continued growth as he promised he would be out to men's Bible study Saturday morning.

AN OPEN DOOR: Sandy and I have been praying for 20 of our teens to go to Bible Camp in December. So far we have received commitments to cover four of our teens ($120.00 per teen). PRAY for the remaining SIXTEEN TO GO CAMP'N. AMEN? AMEN! Folks, this really means soooooooooo much to them.

Just walking through OPEN DOORS,
Jake & Sandy (Please keep praying them open).

November 7 Update

Dear Praying Friends,

We are sad to inform you that there has been a loss in our family. Actually not our immediate family but Hani Park squatter camp. Enete came out to our services once and then he disappeared. Time passed and then he chose to run with the "wild crowd." Saturday night he got in a fight and got shot...shot dead. He was only 17. Please pray for us as we minister to his mother, Lorato (his 21 year old sister) and Sienna (his 12 year old brother). Both Lorato and Siena have trusted Christ as their personal Savior and serve Him faithfully. Pray they will now trust Him faithfully to see them through this tragic loss in the family. Mom still needs to be saved. Job said it well, "MAN WHO IS BORN OF WOMAN, IS SHORT LIVED AND FULL OF TURMOIL." Job. 14:1.

PRAISE: We now have FIVE (not four) teens going to Bible Camp. Keep praying as our God keeps providing as there is only fifteen more to push off for camp in December.

PRAISE: We now have $200.00 committed in replacing the gate, only $400.00 more to go. Keep praying as God continues providing.

Our LORD continues to remind us that time is running out no matter how old......... or how young. Thanks so much for your part as we continue to labor fervently. For as our Lord has said, "WE MUST WORK THE WORKS OF HIM WHO SENT ME AS LONG AS IT IS DAY; NIGHT IS COMING WHEN NO ONE CAN WORK." John 9:4. Amen? Amen.

Thanks for all you do and continue to do,
Jake...................& Sandy, too!

PS You folks have been so wonderful concerning our wish list for the container. We now have all kinds of sports equipment, our rider mower...even a piano! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

November 16 Update

Dear Praying Friends,

A teenage girl named DiKeledi walked into her shanty after last Saturday's Restore Teen Meeting. She suddenly burst into tears. Her mother finally got her to calm down and tell her what was the matter? She had not been chosen to go to Bible Camp in December. Her older brother, Pule' was chosen. Her mother then became angry with Pastor Jake and Sandy. The mother then told Pule' he was not going to camp and his sister would go in his place. Sandy and I had to make some very difficult decisions as to who could go to Bible camp and who would be left behind. So far, we only had enough committed for 5 teens. Sandy and I were figuring out how much we could personally commit to send more of our kids. How would we pay for the taxi bus? How would we pay for trailer the bus would have to tow with the kids blankets and things? What about the counselors to stay with the boys and with the girls? Who will pay their way? Then we overlooked one very important thing. WHAT IS JESUS ABLE TO DO? Our verse: "NOW UNTO HIM THAT IS ABLE TO DO EXCEEDING ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL THAT WE ASK OR THINK, ACCORDING TO THE POWER THAT WORKETH IN US." Eph. 3:20.

WHAT IS JESUS ABLE TO DO? All the kids we had hoped to send are going. Paid In Full! All the counselors we hoped to send and Josh, our co-worker (who is a big kid, anyway), Paid In Full! The taxi bus and the extra cost of the trailer, PAID IN FULL! We even have funding to pay for our vacation Bible school and food and fuel to bring the many, many kids to our own personal outreach this summer (December) yes, PAID IN FULL!

WHAT IS JESUS ABLE TO DO? We already mentioned the death of a 17 yr. old boy. He will not be going to Bible Camp, "R" was shot to death a couple of weeks ago. He chose not to come to our services or activities, but his brothers and sisters do come. His father or mother have never been to our services. But they have asked me to conduct "R"'s funeral service. It will be a pauper's service as they have literally nothing. We have made sure they have food to provide incoming family an mourning neighbors (Sandy and I have covered that). I will be presenting a very clear presentation of the gospel tomorrow morning. It will be held at 8:00 A.M.. The more affluent receive more comfortable hours for burial services. Most of the attenders will be the downtrodden, destitute, and diseased. But let us never forget, WHAT IS JESUS ABLE TO DO? Pray with us. As Jesus said, "Do not say, There are yet four months and then comes the harvest? BEHOLD I SAY TO YOU, LIFT UP YOUR EYES AND LOOK ON THE FIELDS, THAT THEY ARE WHITE FOR HARVEST." John 4:35. Amen? Amen!

Once again,THANK YOU for allowing us to labor for you in the harvest fields of Hani Park squatter camp,
Jake & Sandy

November 23 Update

Dear Praying Friends,

I was on my way to visit a family who had recently lost their 17 year old son. He had been shot dead the previously Saturday night. "R" was their oldest son the light of their life, now he was gone. It was a bright sunny afternoon and suddenly a storm blew up and dust swirling all around me. I could hardly keep the car on the road. The bright golden sun became a small red blotch and I wondered how I was even going to talk to them in their small frail shanty. A verse came to my mind, THE LIGHT SHINES IN THE DARKNESS AND THE DARKNESS DID NOT COMPREHEND (or suppress) IT. John 1:5. It made me think of 12 year old Sienna. He had come to know Christ several years ago when he was about 7 years old. His mother, Agnes had begged Virginia to take him, even take him as her own. Agnes could not provide for this skinny little scamp. She was traveling to Losotho and she was sure Siennna would never make the trip. She cried and pleaded and Virginia (who has a heart of gold) agreed to keep him. She couldn't adopt him but would keep him with the other little vagabonds who came and went from her place. See the attachment. Sienna is the one who was raised up on his elbow. Agnes had not died but about 2 years later had returned to Hani Park only to lose her oldest son in such a needless and tragic way. Well, I was praying and God was listening and about two kilometers from Hani Park the storm lifted. Agnes and I (with the help of her 21 yr old daughter, Lorato translating) planned the service for the next day.

DARKNESS: Agnes had gotten mixed up with Sangomas (witch doctors) to the place she had beaten her 18 month old grandson unmercifully. Lorato her daughter had taken the baby to Virginia's for protection and shelter. Lorato had accepted Christ through our outreach and I have come to believe that it was through Lorato's enfluence I would be holding the service. Plus, for the past 6 years we had provided food, blankets, and school uniforms for Sienna (thanks to your generous giving). Agnes had never set one foot into one of our services or Sandy's ladies Bible study and never intended to. Yet THE LIGHT was shining through the darkness.

LIGHT: We had provided food, vegetables and pop (sort of like grits) for about 50 people. No one, including Virginia thought there would be much more of an attendance than this. A tattered blue and white striped tent had been set up next to the shanty where the funeral service would be held. But folks I couldn't believe my eyes as more and more people pushed their way into the tent. It was jam packed. Outside there were at least 50 people standing outside the tent. The rain was supposed to come, it didn't. The day before the wind almost had blown the tent away, it didn't. HAD I FORGOTTEN WHAT JESUS WAS ABLE TO DO? And your faithful prayers.

DARKNESS: The Sotho singing was amazing, it grew louder and more triumphant, then a young man walked into the service wearing dark glasses. I glanced out the back opening of the tent and there were 4 more young men wearing identical dark glasses. He took off the glasses looked at me and apologized for what he was going to say before "a man of the cloth." He spoke in Sotho, but I think I still got the drift. He would not rest until "R"s murder had been avenged. He personally promised the mother, but Agnes remained unmoved. He then turned on his heel and left the tent. It had been deathly still and then suddenly the hymns began more jubilant than before! P.T.L.!

LIGHT: A young guy who had been leading the singing suddenly leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Pastor it is your turn!"
I stood up and they had found an interpreter. At first, my voice sounded high and shrill. I didn't expect that but I think it was because of the proceeding speaker with the dark glasses. (cough, cough). THE LIGHT of the word went forth. Christians were raising their hand in agreement. I gave a lengthy pause at the end for the crowd to consider my invitation. I carefully said, "Who knows will be in a box like this one come next year?" And folks that really is the gospel truth.

DARKNESS: We traveled reverently to the grave site. There was singing and I led everyone in prayer. All the burial fliers were gathered from the memorial tent. They were thrown on top of the coffin. I believe so that 'R"'s spirit would not be disturbed. When I got home I realized I had kept a flier in my Bible. OOPS! So far no "R" ghosts seem to be bothering me. Then five men or more from the service begin shoveling dirt as fast as they could into grave. Why? Time was almost up and it was time to bring the next body. So goes the death and burial business of South Africa. But I still reminded myself LIGHT had been given out and MY WORD SHALL NOT RETURN TO ME VOID. Amen? Amen.

LIGHT: When we finally got back to the bereaved family's shanty,people were standing about 3 wide and 10 yards deep. More and more food had come in. Everybody and I mean everybody had a full plate. I do not know where all this food came from but the Lord certainly moved somebody's heart.

LIGHT: Yes, God's LIGHT will never be suppressed no matter how great the darkness. Please check the second attachment. The taller boy is 12 yr. old Sienna. He has become a fine Man Of God over these past 6 years and very active at Restore Church. "Pastor, what do you mean MAN OF GOD he's only twelve?". He is the oldest male in his family. Manhood sometimes comes early at Hani Park squatter camp. PRAY he would continue to grow in grace and knowledge of his Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I think that should be an excellent prayer request for all of us. Amen?

There is also a "LIGHT at the end of the tunnel" in electrifying our gate. $200.00 more has been given toward this need. Only $200.00 left to go!

In His LIGHT and service,
Jake & Sandy

Posted: 11/1/2012  Expires: 12/1/2012

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