November 2012 Update

Roy & Nancy Jones  (1976)

Dear Praying Friends and Churches,

We trust this letter finds you well. We have been following the big storm that hit the East Coast with great interest since our son, Brian, and his family live in New Jersey. We’re thankful that the only damage they suffered was a loss of power. Autumn has definitely arrived in Spain as the temperatures go down and the rain is starting.

We had hoped that by now we would be able to tell you about the new meeting place here in Torres de la Alameda. We have been actively searching but, as of yet, have not found “the one”. One of the places we looked at is large enough – about 2,000 sq. ft. but needs a total remodel. The other is about 900 sq. ft. (divided between 2 floors) and is almost ready to occupy. We would love to rent the larger one but to remodel it, would cost over $10,000 and that is most of the amount we have set aside for the rent for the next 2 years. We could still use your help with this project. You can send your gift to ABWE (Acct. # 0114033-006). We are confident that God has the perfect place for us so we continue to look and pray.

In our regular planning sessions with the Hudaks we have begun to set up a schedule for activities. We now have at least six volunteers to help us with the English camps that we will have next July. We are also planning youth activities, English ministries, handcrafts and kids’ activities. We want to have special meetings centered around various holidays as well. You can see why it’s important to find a meeting place.

As we are making progress in Torres de la Alameda, we are thankful for the contacts we have in Campo Real. Julio and Maria continue to study “The Story of Hope” on a weekly basis. Yomar has been going to the Bible study that Nancy teaches in Coslada and is progressing in her spiritual journey. She shared her testimony a few weeks ago. Nancy continues to teach English at the library. Last week they were talking about Halloween which has started to become of a part of the Spanish culture (although the major celebration is All Saints’ Day on November 1). She was able to talk about who the real saints are. In Spain you have be named a saint by the church after your death but we know that Christ is the one who makes us saints. For many years we have been friends with Isabel B. and her family. We pray for continued opportunities to share the gospel with them. We are hoping to invite these friends to Torres de la Alameda when we begin to have activities.

We are encouraged by what has been happening in the church in Coslada. A few Sundays ago, there were 45 people in church. One family that comes is made up of about 15 people! Recently a new family has decided to make this church their home. They have been believers for many years and live in Coslada. It’s a great encouragement to have them worshipping with us. AWANA has started again and they are hoping to start the youth activity soon as well. We also want to tell you that God intervened and Isabel was exonerated in the last trial that she had. Hopefully, there will be no more accusations in the future. She is currently without a job, though, so please pray that she might be able to find one. Pedro and Fran are doing an excellent job in leading the church. Pedro has written a play for the Christmas program and all are in the process of preparing for that event.

Last month we were able to visit Keith and Debby in Italy. It had been over a year, so the grandkids have grown quite a bit. What a joy it is to see what God is doing in their church in formation. We enjoy having a part as much as we are able. Nancy and Isabel will be going back for 4 days to help with a dinner they are having the weekend before Thanksgiving for about 120 people – many of them unsaved. We are glad to have Kevin and his family close by and to see what God is doing in their lives. A real joy is to see some of our grandchildren come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We appreciate your prayers and interest in our ministry.

In His Service,
Roy & Nancy Jones
Posted: 11/1/2012  Expires: 12/1/2012

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