November 2012 Update

Kurt & Barb Matthews  (1990)

Dear Prayer Partners,


We hear that hurricane Sandy is coming our way this week. People have been flooding the stores, buying food and generators in preparation of predicted power outages. Growing up in Florida and then living in Ghana for 12 years, I wonder what all of the hubbub is about. I told Sarah last night that we should probably bring the chairs in from the porch. Kurt worked in the basement for a short time, to get things off the floor in case of flooding. Besides that, we haven't really done anything to prepare. I'm kind of looking forward to having to stay home and maybe spending some family time in the dark. We like to sit around and sing songs or play games by candlelight. We often have good talks during these times.

So, if you are caught in the strong winds of the hurricane this week and your power happens to go out, take the time to enjoy your family. Sit around and play games, sing songs or talk. While the winds are blowing outside, let the peace of God fill your home. Both you and your children will look back on that time with fondness if you do.


Our bus/RV was returned to us this past week in preparation for our future trip to MT. This was a last minute plan that we made (actually, our kids have been working on us for quite some time now to go out and visit their cousins again). Our plan is to take Leah and Moriah out of their public schools after the first marking period and load up the bus for the big trip to Montana. I can't say that I'm thrilled about the idea of traveling again. I was kind of getting used to staying in one spot and I have been enjoying it. We will be gone for most of the month of November.

When we return from Montana, we will have about one week to unload and unwind before we head over to Harrisburg (only about an hour away) for a week of ABWE Ghana team meetings. We are really excited about getting to see all of our team members again (including my BFF, Vicki). I am personally looking forward to taking the time to work through some serious issues that the team has been struggling with for some time. (Yes, missionaries have interpersonal problems too). We will also be recasting our vision for Ghana, asking God to unify the team to accomplish the goals that He has for us. This time needs to be bathed in much prayer. Below are some things that you can be praying for:

• Pray for our administrative leaders as they prepare for these meetings; that they would have wisdom and follow the Holy Spirit's leading.
• Pray for each of the Ghana team members as they prepare their hearts and minds to work in unity and with love.
Pray that as our team seeks to recast a vision for Ghana, that we would personally know the ministry that God would have us to do when we return.
• Pray for the MK's (missionary kids) as they also spend time together - that they would be encouraging and loving to one another.
• Pray for the church leaders in Ghana as they continue to minister without the help from the missionaries (while we are all in the States for this meeting).

Thank you all for your prayers and your encouraging letters. Thanks also to so many of you who give to your local church or directly to ABWE to partner with us in serving in Ghana.

Barb, for the Mathews' clan

November 17 Update

Dear Prayer Partners,

Our youngest, Moriah celebrated her ninth birthday on Thursday. She was especially excited to be with her cousins in Montana for this special day. Moriah likes to sing and I love to watch her sing, especially when she's worshipping God. I put a video of her leading worship for her Sunday school class on Facebook. For those of you who use Facebook, you can see that video on my page. Moriah is eager to return to Ghana and has been since the day we left Ghana. Moriah just learned recently that her best friend, Yayra is no longer living with her mom in the house next to our house in our village, so she was disappointed to hear that. You can pray for Moriah as we are preparing to return to Ghana in January, that she would readjust well and be able to make a new "best friend" wherever we live.


We loaded up our bus and left PA on Nov. 6th for a long trek west to Montana, "Big Sky Country". We stopped in Columbus, Ohio area for a short time to drop off a barrel that we packed with heavy tools for some friends in Ghana. Then we enjoyed a couple of days with our friends and teammates, Chad and Marnie Butler and family in Indianapolis. The Butlers served as short-termers for three years in Ghana while they were still on pre-field ministry and now have come back to the States until the Lord brings in the rest of the support they need to live and work in Ghana full time. They have six children around the same ages as our children and we really enjoy their family. We left Indianapolis on Friday afternoon only to be met by a traffic jam shortly thereafter due to an overturned semi truck. We waited there for about an hour and a half before we got wise enough to turn around and find another route. It seems that everyone else found that same alternative route, because the traffic was thick there too.

After a long time of driving (mostly by Kurt, although Hannah did drive the bus for about three and a half hours and I drove for an hour and a half), we finally arrived in MT late Saturday night. We have been enjoying our time with Kurt's parents and his sister and brother-in-law and their children. We have also enjoyed getting reacquainted with our church family here at Wilsall Community Church. Thank you all for praying for us as we travel. We will begin heading back to PA next Sunday, Lord willing.


This week we heard from the mission that we are now at 99.7% support and were given permission to purchase our tickets to fly back to Ghana. Yippee! Lord willing, we will be boarding a flight to Accra, Ghana, via London on January 28th. These next couple of months are going to fly by for us as we begin packing and saying our goodbyes to those whom we've come to love in PA. But we are excited to jump back into the ministry that God has called us to in Ghana. Please continue to pray for us as we prepare to return. Especially pray for us as we adjust to having one less member of our family with us in that return. Hannah will be staying behind to complete her college studies and then move on to whatever God has for her personally. We're excited to see what God will have for her as well.

Love you all!
Barb, for the Mathews' clan

Posted: 11/1/2012  Expires: 12/1/2012

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