October 2012 Update

Mark & Nancy Waite  (1986)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Good morning! I hope you are all doing well, and enjoying this new Thursday morning. I wanted to let you all know that my family is settling in well, into their new house in Maroua. They are planing to start another Bible School in the beginning of November. Fidele and Parfait (both graduates from the summer Bible school) will be the main teachers under my dad because it will all be in French! The internet connection is much better in Maroua so my dad has started up doing some blogging again. If you would like to check out his blog here is the address:
My dad has been posting some really good posts about different things God has been teaching them as well as what is going on now in their lives. The latest post is about my family's journey from their house in Ngyen Mbo to Maroua.
Thank you for your prayers and support!!

Held by Grace,

Posted: 10/22/2012  Expires: 11/21/2012

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