October 2012 Update

Ruth Rising  (1988)

Dear Friends,

I don’t know where the time goes! I just wanted to give you a quick update of all that has been happening at Bethesda over the last few weeks. We have so much to praise the Lord for – One of my top praises is that in the month of September, three of our girls have accepted Christ as their personal Savior. Each one of the girls initiated conversations with a mother, teacher and another staff member and it was very clear that God was working in their lives. We have seen differences in their lives over the last few weeks as the Holy Spirit is helping them to learn to please God in all that they do. You can pray for their parents, teachers and all of us who see them daily that we would continue to teach them faithfully and encourage them in their walk with the Lord!

NEW Intern!
We have a new intern at Bethesda and her name is Melissa. Melissa is from Kansas City and has visited Bethesda several times previously on a team. She is going to be at Bethesda for at least a year and is helping me in the office. She is also going to help with the many teams and visitors that we have throughout the year as well. She has been such a help already and has such a sweet spirit.

Bible Study
My weekly Bible study with the young ladies at church is growing—we have had a few new ladies visit or join us which is always encouraging! We have started doing a series by D. A. Carson called, The God Who Is There. It is a series that primarily targets young believers or those who are interested in knowing what the Bible actually says about God and our place in this world. We are doing it to both strengthen our knowledge of the Bible and God; but also, to help us be better equipped to explain the Bible and its teachings to those who are not saved. Many people have just heard “things” about God and the Bible and have drawn various conclusions about religion (many of which are wrong).

We want to be better equipped to speak the truth (not debate or argue) and hope and pray that we will be more effective in speaking accurately about God and the Bible as He gives us opportunities to share the gospel.

Thank You!!
I have had two churches send WONDERFUL gifts to Bethesda recently! One church sent two boxes of school supplies which is a huge help to us as we pay for all the supplies, uniforms, books, etc for each Bethesda child. Another church has a ladies group who make stunning quilts for the children! They have sent some before but had another box of beautiful quilts ready for some of our medium sized children. Thank you SO much for the supplies and the quilts! Also, a HUGE thank you to one of my churches who used me as their VBS offering project. What a nice surprise to hear of their sweet gift!

Support Update and Prayer Request
This week is the Annual Board Meetings with board members from the USA, Zambia and South Africa. Our director and all of us staff people have been working hard to get all of the needed information put together so that as much information can be communicated as possible as effectively as possible. We are blessed to have excellent people who love the Lord who are committed to this orphan ministry.

As we are working to get organized for the board members, we have to spend a lot of time evaluating both Bethesda’s finances, as well as our individual finances and it right now, more money is going out of my account each month than is coming in. It’s not a good trend and it is not something that can continue for long. I will say that the churches and the individuals that do support me are some of the most faithful people that I have met and I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your long time support. This is SUCH an important ministry and I am privileged to be a part of it.

Because Bethesda is an organization with a small staff, we each have pretty big responsibilities (which we love!) but it makes it hard to leave for any length of time. I have to plan for almost a year to come home for 6-8 weeks to make sure that my responsibilities carry on for the time that I am gone. It is not a viable plan for me to come back to the USA for a long length of time to raise support so I am going to have to work to increase my monthly support from here as much as is possible. I REALLY need your prayers for this. I never enjoy speaking of finances and prefer to pretend they aren’t necessary for as long as possible but I don’t want to be unwise either. I continue to seek ways to reduce my living costs and to keep monthly costs down but costs here continue to go up (petrol is almost $6.00/gallon now!). God is faithful and will continue to supply all that I need and I am thankful for that! Thank YOU for your part in this ministry!

Much love and sincere thanks,
Ruth A. Rising

Posted: 10/22/2012  Expires: 11/21/2012

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