October 2012 Update

Jonathan & Sarah Weber  (2004)


Thank you for praying for our family as we continue to serve with our Belgian brothers and sisters in Christ in the region around Nieuwerkerken.

We have been richly blessed with the arrival of Phoebe and can't praise the Lord enough for this wonderful gift from above. As we rejoice in the growth of our family, we also rejoice in the spiritual growth of people. God is at work changing lives in ways that only He can do!

Please know that your prayers are greatly appreciated as we continue to walk by faith and depend upon God to do His work in and through us!

Jonathan & Sarah, Warren, Daniel, Andrew & Phoebe

Praise Often:

Birth of Phoebe Elizabeth Weber: We are so grateful for the safe arrival of our dear little Phoebe. She has been doing really well in the past 5 weeks and is busy with all the growth and development that is normal for a newborn. She is a great source of joy for our family and provides us many opportunities to praise God.

Opportunity to keep meeting in Nieuwerkerken: We are thankful that our church can continue to gather on Sundays at the school in Nieuwerkerken. Their are plans for the school to re-open in the fall of 2013, so we are not sure what the distant future holds. Until we hear differently, we may continue to gather at the school!

Start of a new Sunday School year: We are thankful that the Sunday School year is off to a good start! We are blessed to have 4 teams of people teaching the 1st-7th grade class about the theme of "Family of God" and 4 teams of people teaching the nursery class about the theme of "Creation."

Visit to a Nursing Home in Nieuwerkerken: We are thankful that the kids from the nursery class were able to visit a nursing home in Nieuwerkerken for a second time. They were able to greet residents who rarely have visitors and to give them artwork that they had made. We are looking forward to another visit in December with the older kids to present a short evangelical musical production to the residents.

Visit from Peter & Mary Lou Jenks: We are so grateful that Sarah's parents were able to visit us for 4 weeks during August and September 2012. They were such a great help to us in so many way-especially during the busy time of Phoebe's delivery, the start of a new school year and the adjustment to a family of six! With tears of joy we praise God for the blessing of being able to see parents/grandparents for a longer period of time.

Construction of our own model of Noah's Ark: We are thankful that Sarah's dad was willing to invest time in building a model of Noah's Ark to the scale of Playmobil figures so that our kids could get a better understanding of the Biblical account in Genesis 6-8. Warren, Daniel and Andrew really enjoyed using the figures and animals from the Playmobil Noah's Ark set as they played. We are still trying to figure out what to do with the ridiculously small ark that came with the set and are looking forward to how we can use this Ark to reach other children with truth!

Visit from Chip & Margie Bernhard: We are very thankful for a short visit from Chip & Margie Bernhard from Spring Creek Church in Pewaukee, WI in September. During their short visit they were able to see some of what God is doing in and through the Nieuwerkerken church. We trust that this visit gave them a clearer vision of our life and ministry so that they can lead others to continue to be involved in this ministry.
"I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds." Ps 9:1

With Peter & Mary Lou Jenks ~ Phoebe Elizabeth Weber ~ With Chip & Margie Bernhard

Pray Now

Church Retreat from Oct 5-7: Please pray for the families from our church who will be attending a weekend retreat that has been planned for our church family in Bouillon. We are asking the Lord to help the 30+ people develop stronger relationships with others and to deepen their spiritual roots as a result of this weekend.

Pray Hard

Adjustment to a family of six: Please pray for us as we make adjustments related to the arrival of a 4th child. We are so thankful for the blessing of Phoebe. We are excited to see how God will change the dynamics in our family and open up new opportunities as a result. This initial baby stage is quite tiring for Sarah, so please pray for her in particular to have the strength that she needs each day.

Warren and Daniel at their new school: Please pray for Warren and Daniel as they form friendships and learn about the way things work at their new school. We are pleased with how the school functions and are thankful for opportunities to be involved as parents. Yet, we are very aware of the fact that this change of schools is hard and that it takes time to get settled.

Larger meeting place: Pray that God will provide a larger place for our church family to meet on Sunday mornings. We have asked our current landlord if we could use an additional area, but have not been notified of a decision. We are also pursuing an option for a different meeting place, but this is just in the fact-finding stage to see if the location would meet all of our needs. We desire to see the different ministries of the church be able to grow and develop, but space is a limiting factor at this point. The need for a different meeting place is very real!

Planning for Ladies Outreach in December: Please pray for the group of ladies that is busy making plans for the Ladies Outreach that will take place on December 14th. We really need to confirm a meeting location, but are waiting on responses to inquiries that have been made. We trust that God will use this event to bring God's truth to many ladies.

"Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving. at the same time pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ," COL 4:2-3a

In Christ,
Jonathan & Sarah Weber
Posted: 10/5/2012  Expires: 11/4/2012

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