October 2012 Update

Carol Ciocca  (1971)

Thank you for praying for me during the eye surgery. Yesterday I had the surgery on the right eye. Praise the Lord that there were no problems with the anesthesia nor the surgery itself. But this morning I woke up feeling very dizzy and nauseous.
At the appointment with the doctor today he said the eye was perfect. The Lord provided one lady from RGBI to take me to Weslaco for the surgery on Tuesday, and another lady from RGBI to take me to and from the doctor's appointment in Mc Allen today.

I now have a clear piece of glass in the right side of my long distance/bifocal glasses and my prescription lens in the left of those glasses. The optician said the reason I woke with nausea and dizziness this morning was because the eyes haven't adjusted to work together yet. She suggests I take some more time off from work to allow time for the eyes to adapt. I will get a new prescription three weeks after the second surgery which is now scheduled for October 9th.

I don't feel comfortable driving like this so I will be looking for more helpers. Please pray I will know what to do about participating in the band. It may be that I can't play in the first concert in November. Please pray that even if this is the case, I can still return for the rest of the concert season, if it's the Lord's will.

I really appreciate your prayer help during this time.

In Christ,
Carol Ciocca

October 5 Update

The left eye surgery is still scheduled for Oct 9th. I am not seeing clearly nor am I driving yet. Praise the Lord for all of the helpers he has given me for transportation to and from church, work and WalMart.
I told the band director not to count on my playing in the first concert in November as I can't see the music yet. I hope to still help get and supervise the ushers and sell tickets at RGBI for that first concert of the season. Please pray I can be able to play in the Christmas concert in mid December, if it's the Lord's will.
According to the doctors, three weeks after the surgery I should be able to get my new prescription glasses. I don't know what is going to happen in the mean time. I didn't realize it was going to take so long to see well. I have had to accept many changes these days. Thanks for praying I will have a good testimony through it all. The Lord is good and His way and timing are perfect.
Thanks for your continued specific prayer for me during this difficult time. Please share this information with others. There are still many concerned people who are not on my e-mail list.

In Christ's love,
Carol Ciocca

Posted: 10/3/2012  Expires: 11/2/2012

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