October 2012 Update

Chaz & Kari Dull  (2000)

"Go,therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." Matthew 28:19

We are excited that one of the men from the church plant here in Loja has decided to follow the Lord in believers baptism. He is the first of the people in the Loja that we will have the privilege of seeing baptized this coming Sunday, September 30th. The entire group will head out Sunday morning to a town about 45 minutes away to a river. We will have the joy of seeing this man baptized in obedience to God, and have the privilege of hearing him share his testimony once again. This man has grown by leaps and bounds within the last half of the year, and we are excited to see how God will continue to use him here in the church plant. He has helped in Sunday service, shared his testimony, and is actively evangelizing in the community. Our group is looking forward to this exciting time. We will have our service by the river and then share a meal together. Thank you for your prayers for R down through the months. He was one of the first people we studied with here in Loja!

Davis and Caedmon, as well as our co-worker's daughter, Elise are also going to be baptized on Sunday. This is a special time for us on a personal note as well, as we will have the joy and privilege of seeing two of our children take this step of obedience. We have had some good discussions as a family about baptism, especially after R expressed his desire to be baptized, and both Davis and Caedmon at different times shared that they are ready to take this step and publicly show that they are Christ followers.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the ministry. We watch God work and praise Him as He establishes His Church here in Loja. One desire we have is to see these dear people saved, baptized and leading their own churches --- there are so many more people who need to hear the Truth of Jesus Christ. Pray that we can train these men and women and see this church ready to function on it's own for the glory of God.

Following His Leading,
Chaz and Kari Dull
Hudson, Davis, Caedmon and Gabriella

Posted: 10/3/2012  Expires: 11/2/2012

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