October 2012 Update

Dale & Karen Marshfield  (1977)

Dear Faithful Supporter,

You would think that after living for 26 years in Africa, we would be used to the heat, but this summer has made both Karen and me ready for the cooler days of fall. Having said that, I am going to Jamaica next week, so there is no reprieve from the heat for me, just yet.

Here are a few things to pray about over the next few weeks:

1. We will be participating in the Webster Bible Church missions conference starting tomorrow (Sept. 20 – 23). This is the church I joined shortly after trusting Christ. It is a blessing to be the keynote speaker at their conference.

2. I speak Sunday evening in Webster, then we have to drive back to Harrisburg that night so I can catch a flight to Jamaica at 7AM Monday. I bet you can figure out how to pray over that one. :)

3. Tim Bahula (ABWE Canada) and I will lead training for the faculty at Fairview Baptist Bible College in Jamaica on Monday through Wednesday of next week (24-26 September). The training will introduce a number of new concepts and skills, so please pray that we will be able to effectively adapt it to these teachers and their situation. They are very busy men; teaching at the College and pastoring churches as well. We are earnestly praying that the training will help them be more effective in both roles.

4. On Thursday and Friday, Tim and I will rent a car, and drive to 4 or 5 other Bible colleges on the Island. We want to present the HIS program (ABWE’s online ministry training program) to them, and hopefully involve them in a region wide initiative we are rolling out.

5. On Friday, Dale has to call into an Asia Biblical Theological Seminary (Thailand) board meeting. Pray for this meeting and a good Skype connection from Kingston, Jamaica.

6. On September 7, Karen and I will participate in the Emmanuel Baptist missions conference in Toledo, OH. It is interesting that this year I get to speak in conferences at both of our home churches.

7. This is both a praise and a prayer request. Amazingly, but not surprisingly, God has wonderfully provided for all of my ministry trips in 2012. That is a huge praise. At this point my travel account is pretty much exhausted. A trip to Liberia planned for November was postponed by our partners there, so that takes a bit of pressure off, but I still have fall travels to schools in the Caribbean as well as a trip to South Africa for faculty training in January. Please pray that God would provide the funding for these trips.

Thanks for all you do to make what we do possible.

God bless,

Dale Marshfield
ABWE Account 0111623

Posted: 10/3/2012  Expires: 11/2/2012

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