October 2012 Update

Jake & Sandy Schrader  (1976)

Dear Praying Friends,
In Acts 16:9 we read "A vision appeared to Paul in the night; a man of Macedonia was standing and appealing to him, and saying, "COME OVER to Macedonia AND HELP US!" Last Sunday I had a similar experience. No it was not a Macedonian, but rather a Shoto man and neither was it a vision. But there he stood at our gate very well dressed ( we say, "Dressed to the nines)." and carrying a sizable Bible. My trusty Nissan truck was full to overflowing, so he followed me across about 50 yards of paved parking lot to our covered parking area. We hope someday to have more than 2 to 3 cars that actually park in it, everyone else walks, or we give a lift. (Oh well, the Lord knows). Any way, a man of about 40 introduces himself as "Johny." He was wondering exactly what was going on here. I explained to him the activities that are presently conducted here. I also told him of the humanitarian outreach we carry out at existention 21 (feeding projects, school uniforms, medicines and training in preparation for job opportunities. It was practically said in one breath as I was busy picking up people for services. I turned Johnny over to Pasca instructing him to show Johnny around.

Johny saw about 60 plus children pour into our Sunday school wing and about 40 adults finally arrive during our morning worship. Johny seemed to sit mesmerized through the morning message. I was bringing a series on The Armour of God (notes provided). At the end of the service he came up and grabbed my hand saying "Why don't you come and preach to us?" Johny was speaking about Mossimong Estates. In the 9 months we had been gone on furlough, Harmony Gold mining corporation had made an agreement with the Municipality of Welkom to remodel even rebuild the miner's barracks for gold mine number 4. They call it Mossimong Estates. When I and Sandy drove over there one day, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was far from the miner's barracks it used to be. I saw huge buildings like condominiums. Beautiful buildings providing one, two, and three bedroom apartments very reasonable in price. We saw empty buildings ear marked "Bank," Chruch" ect. not yet put into operation. An outside mall already to be occupied and put into operation. There was high security fencing and security men and vehicles every where. Not to conspicuous so as to scare the clientele. Those who had put this project together were not "green." They understood how this area had earned it's nickname as No Man's Land. Josh and I revisited later and found out that the Condos were full. We talked with the manager and put in a request to hold services in the vacant church building. So far, no response. I asked about the possibility of Sandy and I renting a condo...not a snigle vacancy and probably wouldn't be for quite some. You could not even go on the property to do "door to door." Visitors had to had to be accompanied by card holding occupants. We have prayed and prayed.

SUDDENLY HERE COMES JOHNY! Johny lives at Mossimong Estates. Johnny has invited us to come next Saturday morning. He would try and gather as many Christians as he could to be there for the Bible study. Johny said he would be standing at the gate waiting for us to arrive at 9;00A.M.. Let me tell you folks I almost feel like I am caught in the middle of a "vision." Please PRAY Johny will be there. Please PRAY that I and our other men from Restore will be there. Flu is still "bouncing" between Sandy and myself. Old "Trusty" our 2002 pick up has let me down in the past. PRAY please, not this weekend!

Thanks for your help and calling in being a part of our ministry,
Jake.............................& Sandy, too. (As we continue to claim 1 Thes. 5:24).

10/3 Update
Dear Praying Friends,
I know many of you were praying for the 'OPEN DOOR" at Massimong Estates last Saturday morning and I'm not about to leave you hanging. Johnny met us at the gate of Massimong Estates. It took about ten minutes to get cleared as Johnny talked earnestly to gate security. After all we looked like a "gang of men" all crowded in my little Fiat. We walked through one of the two story condos to Johnny's place. It was very well kept, even a kiddies play ground in the middle. But it was like an abandoned building (except for a few kids). We all crowded into Johnny's sitting room. He was so happy we came but also a little somber. Finally, slapping his hands on his knees he said, Pastor I am so sorry! I forgot that it was end of the month. Most everyone has just been paid and are off buying their two weeks worth of groceries. He went on to say, "But my wife and two daughters (teens) are here. Will that be enough? Well, you know the answer to that one. I told Johnny this is exactly what God had in mind. Why argue with Him?" Eph. 1:11. He laughed and had many questions as I was bringing him and his family up to date on our study. We continue to plan to meet every Saturday at his place rather than at Restore (as much as possible, of course). This week Johnny and I plan to hand out fliers about our study and Restore Baptist church. Johnny's apartment is too small, but Massimong Estates has provided activity rooms for it's residents and Johnny is going to attempt to get us one. He thinks it will be no problem PRAY it won't! I know the devil and his forces of darkness are against this new outreach. I mean they have a brand new church building which nobody yet is using! It remains fenced in and locked up. So KEEP PRAYING and we will KEEP KNOCKING and keep you "in the loop!
Excited by this opportunity,
Jake, our men...............and Sandy, too!

October 12 Update

Dear Praying Friends,

We are quickly rolling into summer, but with it comes a blazing sun and dust storms that turn our bright sun into a dark amber glow. Most everybody around here spends a fair amount of time rubbing their eyebrows, nostrils,ears, and mustaches (if you have one). That nasty dust just seems to permeate every orifice known to man. Believe me, when it starts blowing, you start seeking shelter of any kind. Our verse: ASK, and it will be given to you; SEEK, and you will find; KNOCK and it will be opened to you!" Math. 7:7.

SCOUTS. The first Sunday after the Friday evening that Johnny and I went door to door ASKING, SEEKING, and KNOCKING, five adults and 3 teens came out to our Sunday service. The curious thing was the adults were not husband and wife and the teens were simply friends. Nobody brought their children with them. After the service I began showing them around from our tiny tots facility with its riding toys and on through our Sunday school wing. Suddenly, they were all bunched together facing me. One of the women in the group said to me, "Pastor, we need you to know something, WE ARE SCOUTS (from Mossimong Estates)." We enjoyed your music and your message was good." I almost interjected "Don't you mean great?" (concerning the message), But I reconsidered, thinking this might not be the best time for my dry sense of humor. She continued, " You will see more of us coming next Sunday, and many more children!" Well, all I can say is please folks continue to pray about this situation. Our Lord will bring out who he intends to bring out and Johnny and I will be out again this coming Friday evening going door to door ASKING, SEEKING & KNOCKING.

SHOES. A lady stood up during testimony time with quite a touching story. We had recently SCOUTED out a job for her 18 year old son, Jeff (one of our guys). Jeff's father had died about two years ago leaving the family devastated and practically destitute. There were times when Jeff found something part time and money often went for something he wanted. Well, Jeff had received his first pay check. To his mother's delight her son came home with several bags of groceries, nothing spent on himself. Only one item came to his mother's attention. Inside of one of the bags she found a pair of shoes...... ladies shoes for her! With tears in her eyes she continued. When Jeff's father was still alive he worked hard and earned little. But every once in a while Dinah would find a pair of shoes in among their necessities. This to prove to her his undying love. She wept as she said, Jeff had not forgotten. PRAY that Jeff would continue to do well at Constantia Electrical for his reputation and Restore's.

SCOUTS. We recently lost four SCOUTS. By scouts I mean those who have followed our trail for many years of serving Christ as His missionaries. An elderly couple has died and two others have had serious set backs in their health. This leaves us about $400.00 short of much needed monthly support. Sandy and I are seeking the Lord for HIs replacements in the ranks of those who have now gone to their reward.

SHOES. Joe, a brother at Albany Baptist church believes he has found a source for many pairs of shoes and believe me our kids need them. PRAY it happens. Their feet just never seem to cease growing! Also, we at Restore desperately need A RIDING MOWER. Summer is coming and we have about 3 acres of fenced in property that needs mowed. Please help our maintenance man, Pasca from wearing out his SHOES pushing a petrol powered mower. If you can help please contact Jeff and Pam at Albany Baptist church (740-698-2731).

SCOUTS AND SHOES we can just never get enough of them. PRAY for us as we continue to SCOUT Mossimong Estates and for others who desperately need Christ. Strange.....our SHOES just never seem to wear out. Amen? Amen.

In His love & service,
Jake & Sandy

October 18 Update

Dear Praying Friends,

Restore was swarming with visitors last Sunday. Our Saturday afternoon teens almost doubled. Our Sunday school wing was packed out with kids. Not sure what we are going to do about that (PRAY). The teens were not so much seeking spiritual guidance. They were mainly bored with being "exiled" to Mossimong Estates and No Man's Land. They were used to the city life of Welkom fast food, movie theaters and malls. But when you have no wheels you are stuck out in the "boondocks." We perceived that very few were saved and so we know why they have been "exiled" to No Man's Land and Restore....."Preach the gospel in season and out." PRAY many (parents as well as teens and tots) hearts will be open to the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE.

In HIs love & service,
Jake & Mamma Sandy, too!

October 24 Update

Hello Everybody,

Christmas is not far away and the month of December is BIBLE CAMP! Take a good look at only some of the kids who are so looking forward to going to BIBLE CAMP this year. You also get an idea of those who have been with us for several years and "new comers" New comers are not hard to spot they are dwarfish in size due to malnutrition and sickness most their childhood. Such as the "little" boy on the far left. But we at Restore are not here to simply give a future and hope to our kids physically but above of all else SPIRITUALLY. "FOR I KNOW THE PLANS THAT I HAVE FOR YOU, DECLARES THE LORD, PLANS FOR WELFARE AND NOT FOR CALAMITY TO GIVE YOU A FUTURE AND A HOPE. THEN YOU WILL CALL UPON ME AND COME AND PRAY TO ME, AND I WILL LISTEN TO YOU." The big guy on the far right of your photo wearing a blue shirt is now an excellent Sunday school teacher and translator. He (Meshack) was saved at Bible Camp year before last. PRAISE THE LORD!

We hope to send twenty kids to camp this year. THIS WILL COST US $125.00 PER TEEN. WE NEED TO HAVE THE FUNDS IN BY NOVEMBER 12TH. This $125.00 includes taxi fare as well as camp fees. PLEASE PRAY and then send your gift in for one child or more AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! HERE'S HOW:

(1) Make your check out to "Central Missionary Clearinghouse."
(2) In the lower left hand corner of the check put "Restore Camp."
(3) Mail your check to:
Central Missionary Clearinghouse
P.O. Box 219228
Houston, Texas 77218-9228

Our many thanks for your prayer and urgent concern n this matter.
Jake...................& Sandy, too!

October 26 Update

Dear Praying Friends,

Sandy and I thought we would quickly get on the "prayer hot line" as our Restore property seems to be under attack lately. I have been studying and preaching from Job and the "Sabeans and Chaldeans" seem to be on the attack. We wrote you about the break in that took a lot of our food for the needy and our CD players and CDs. Well, they also tried again through the back of the property. But as they were cutting a couple of the wires in our security fence our alarm went off loud and clear. Our watchman, Pasca said they then disappeared into the bush. PRAISE THE LORD! "Well when you don't succeed try, try again?" Late Tuesday night thieves literally disconnected our 5 meter long by 2 and one half meter high front gate and away it went. It is made mainly of iron and iron is at a premium in South Africa. I was able to flag down two security cops from Harmony Gold. They told me theft is rampant in the area especially for copper wiring and iron. They were able to capture a bunch in a pick up truck carrying iron scrap............but no security gate (glumm!). I had a good chat with them about our desperate situation. They gave me a cell number of their supervisor and said he would send a patrol truck to our property, all Pasca needed to do was call. This was some encouragement to Pasca, but with no gate, our property stands wide open. Pasca is extremely frightened as he is the only obstacle to another "Sabean attack" for our propane gas cylinders and a hundred plus chairs. We were not able to afford insurance for the gate and fence so it is going to cost us about $500.00 to replace the gate. A brother said he would get it rewired to carry an electric current. But for now Pasca is getting very little sleep and needing company to help guard at night. Last night two our young men spent the night with him (Zwide and Pule).' They are two of our teens so looking forward to going to Bible camp. Check the attach on the top row Zwide on the end and Pule' standing next to him. They aren't being paid, they simply knew No Man's Land and the encouragement Pasca could need.
(1) We have to have the gate made as the largest gate to be purchased is only four meters long.
(2) $500.00 bucks.
(3) Above all, PLEASE PRAY A HEDGE AROUND OUR PROPERTY. Job 1:9. Pray also that Harmony Gold's security could recover our gate in catching more "Sabeans and Chaldens."

Our hearts are heavy but as Job said, 'The Lord gave and the LORD has taken away. BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD! Amen? Amen! Help us by His grace to claim it.
HIding behind your "Hedge,"
Jake & Sandy...................and Pasca too.
Oh I just got a text message from Pasca:
"Morning Mamma Sandy we good night with the boys what you can help us is food including cooking oil tinned fish & beef oh and tomatoes and bread."
Don't worry folks, they'll get it!

Posted: 10/3/2012  Expires: 11/2/2012

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