October 2012 Update

Roy & Nancy Jones  (1976)

Dear Supporting Churches and Friends,

This last month has been one filled with aches and pains! At camp the first week of August, Nancy fell backwards and hurt her back and then Roy found out he has a herniated disc. Nancy’s pains were short-lived but for Roy it meant that for the last month not much could be done since walking and standing were very painful. We are happy to tell you that after more than five weeks of doctors’ visits and rehabilitation he is practically back to normal. For those of you who have known of this situation and have been praying, we are grateful for your prayers. Since this is an ongoing physical condition, please pray that there won’t be a recurrence any time soon.

Last week we met with Keith and Jody Hudak to continue making plans for Torres de la Alameda. We have been exploring possible places for the ministry center. Keith was in the hospital to repair a broken finger so that has also slowed down our plans. We hope to go this week to Torres de la Alameda to walk around and visit some realtors. There are not a lot of places available but we know that God has a place set apart for us. You can still contribute to this project. Send your gift to ABWE (Acct. # 0114033-006).

One of the decisions that was made was to have English Day Camp next summer in Torres de la Alameda. There is a possibility that we can use the municipal gym or perhaps our ministry center will be adequate. We are forming a team for these camps. We already have a few signed up but still have need of a couple more to complete our team. Are you interested in coming to Spain for a few weeks next summer? Let us know. The approximate dates for camp are July 1-13, 2013. Please contact us if you think this is something you would be interested in.

We have been making contacts with our friends here in Campo Real. We invited Julio and María over for coffee. We were disappointed to hear that they continue to meet with the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

We had a very good discussion about the differences between the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Evangelicals. We hope to restart our Bible Study with them soon. Nancy will begin English classes at the library again on Friday nights. We are hoping that Isabel, the librarian, can introduce us to the librarian in Torres de la Alameda. Our friendship with the Duarte family continues to be strong. Yomar went to church with us a few weeks ago and goes to the Ladies’ Bible study when she can. Giovanni was in Belgium for a while but now is back. Pray with us that they will want to continue the Bible study. We have other friends as well that we have contact with and are always looking for opportunities to share the Gospel with them.

While the Clodgos are in the US, we are doing our part to help in the church in Coslada. Nancy will begin teaching the Ladies’ Bible Study this week. There is a group of ladies who come faithfully and there are some unsaved ladies that we are praying for as well. Roy is available for preaching and teaching whenever needed but Pedro and Fran are doing a great job in the leadership.

Here are some prayer requests:
 The continuing search for a ministry center in Torres de la Alameda.
 The English Day Camp this coming summer.
 Possible Bible studies with Julio & María and the Duarte family.
 Isabel’s trial on September 26. Her ex-husband is seeking to put her in jail for 3 years for alleged child endangerment.
 For Pedro and Fran as they lead the church in Coslada.

We appreciate your prayers and interest in our ministry.

In His Service,

Roy & Nancy Jones

Posted: 10/3/2012  Expires: 11/2/2012

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