October 2012 Update

Ron & Chris Self  (1977)

Dear Faithful Prayer Supporters,

Thank you for your faithful prayers on our behalf during the past two weeks.
We enjoyed good services on Sunday. Our College and Career ministry was in charge of the services. They did a great job. Andrew worked with one of our young men, preparing him to preach. The young people also sang and gave testimonies. It was an encouragement to everyone. We were blessed to have 7 first-time visitors. Please pray as we seek to minister to the Rodriguez family, to Silvia and to Susana and Candela.
We continue to have great opportunities to preach the gospel through the hospital ministry. Please continue to pray for the salvation of Miguel. He is the supplier of medical equipment who has been attending regularly, reading his Bible and asking many questions. Please continue to pray for Andrés, a man who was saved a couple of years ago when Maranatha was ministering to us. He has also been attending regularly and seems to be growing in the Lord. Pray for the salvation of the parents of Santino. He has been in the hospital since his birth and they have regularly attended our Bible study. Pray for his health and for their salvation.

Next month we have two special ministry opportunities. First, we will receive a Mexican pastor, a very gifted preacher who will minister to our people from October 13-17. Please pray that God would use his ministry both in evangelism and in edifying our people. Then October 21 is Mothers Day here in Argentina. We will be having our annual ladies tea. Please pray that we would be able to appropriately honor our mothers and also reach some with the gospel.

Please continue to pray for Mark and Anahi as they seek to raise their support to come to Argenina. They are having good success in receiving support in the churches where they are invited to present their ministry, but they are literally running out of like-minded churches to call, write and e-mail to ask for meetings. Please pray that God would open doors, allow them to fill their calendar, and supply their support through both churches and individual support.
Thank you for your faithfulness before the throne of grace on our behalf. We count on your prayers for the work here in Buenos Aires.

To God be the Glory,
Ron and Chris Self

Posted: 10/3/2012  Expires: 11/2/2012

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