October 2012 Update

Steve & Mary Jo Mills  (1976)

To all our praying friends,

Well, we just returned from an amazing week at Mayo Clinic. What an amazing place! We are thankful to have been able to be seen there during this past week. We started out early on Monday morning seeing the neurologist who would be directing all of the care/testing/evaluation for Steve. Each day we had several testings/evaluations without having to wait weeks/months to be seen. We are so very thankful to Dr.Hepworth for being able to get us into the Mayo Clinic system. We met several people who have waited months and one man, two years, to be seen there. Each specialty care giving/evaluating person was quite thorough with their exams and then sent that evaluation on to the directing neurologist for him to summarize the diagnosis and care of each individual patient. By the time Friday came, we were ready to see and hear what this neurologist thought. Our heart kind of hit the floor when at 3:30 on Friday he said he’d like one more test on Monday….. We had already half planned on packing up and leaving early Saturday morning. Oh boy….. Anyway, after quite some time of discussion, the neurologist let us go to be seen in 6-8 months to be checked up for progress and some more testing. At this point in time he has told us that this is MILD Parkinson’s. In fact, mild enough that he did not feel any medication was necessary or indicated. Of this we are very greatful and thankful to you all for your prayers but first of all to our heavenly Father for His watchful care and direction over us. To God be the glory forever. The neurologist is very interested in seeing Steve again [when the Ferry starts up again] and then will decide how we will proceed from there. We, ourselves, will still continue to plan on a return to Togo next summer at the end of our furlough time, unless the Lord shows us otherways.
It was an interesting trip over to Minneapolis as we took the Ferry out of Muskegon. We really didn’t want to drive through that maze of Chicago highways so this was perfect. The winds were a bit high so the boat was a bit rocky, but we made it fine. We then rented a car and drove from Milwaukee over to Rochester. The roads were great as compared to Togo. :o))

News from the Mango front.

Recently, one of our colleagues working in Mango wrote;

So how do we fit in all this?
We will be involved in selecting and hiring many of the future employees (about 120 total). We hope to encourage them as they are trained by our medical staff and build them up into a great team that makes the hospital function well. We will be training all the chaplains and preparing the follow up ministry from the hospital into the villages. We want to use the hospital as a platform for reaching our Muslim friends with the love of Jesus. If you want to get involved in sponsoring one of our future medical staff, email us to find out more information.

Recently, we heard from another medical colleague already in Mango, Togo and he indicated that even though there is water now at the hospital site, it isn't drinkable (potable) and must be filtered. With the recent departure of one of our dear colleagues-Tim and Esther Neufeld, their departure has left a rather large hole that must be filled. All of this has put new challenges on our team mates and we know they would appreciate your prayers

If you should have any questions please feel free to write and ask.

Some of you may know that we have moved. Yes, we have a new house and that address is:

1144 Slayton Ave.
Grand Haven, MI 49417

Thanks to Mary Jo and her sister, they saw this house for sale on one of their nightly walks

Some of you have indicated that you have changed your diet when it comes to Aspartame. Well this was recently shared with me and I would lik to pass this onto you. Click on the link below to see what I’m talking about.

Of course a big question we both have is, "Was all of this precipitated by the drinking of almost 2 qts/day of this drink with the Aspertame?" Only time and eternity will tell.

Please continue to pray for our children David and Kellie Jo, David wrote a couple weeks ago and said he was sick with Malaria. This is his first time of being sick with the bug and we haven't heard anything, so we are hoping that no news is good news. So, as you pray for his saftey please also pray for his health.

Kellie and her husband Eric are doing fine as they raise little Jonah. It has been a treat for us to receive pictures via FB of the progress Jonah is making. Now that he has begun to walk Eric and Kellie's lives have taken on new challenges and we are sure they would appreciate your prayer support as the raise him in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Thank you, for your continued faithfulness to us over the years. This means allot to us.

In His Service,

Steve & Mary Jo Mills

Posted: 10/3/2012  Expires: 11/2/2012

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