September 2012 Update

Maicol & Mandy Venter  (2008)

It's a girl!

We are anxiously anticipating the arrival of our first daughter in
January. Words simply cannot express our sheer delight!

On another note, we are in negotiations for a car. Last month, a few
of you responded in asking for specific requests and we asked you to
pray for us to find wisdom from God about our car situation and we
outlined some options and struggles we were facing. Thank you to all
of you who prayed for us, we have an answer. Through a series of God
ordained events and timing, we have found a vehicle and we are so
thrilled to see the perfect timing and provision. We just celebrated
one year in Brazil. This year has been challenging in many ways, and
living without personal transportation was one. We are so amazed that
God has opened the door for us to purchase this vehicle and we invite
you to praise God with us for carrying us through the trial.

Many of you are so faithful in staying continually involved with what
we do here in Brazil, and we are honored by your continual efforts. We
have prayed for many months to be good stewards with the finances we
were initially sent with, and by God's provision we are doing fine. We
will likely face many new challenges financially in the coming months
with a new baby and the new vehicle. For those of you who continually
ask about our financial support, we have some challenges at this point
that we are praying about and would be happy to send you specifics if
you would like to help us as this year comes to a close and many are
beginning to think about special love gifts for the end of the year.
We know there is great joy in giving and we know that so many of you
take care of us with a happy heart. Thank you for your involvement in
our ministry here in Brazil and please stay in touch as we enjoy the
special bond we have with each of you in Christ.

By His Grace,
Maicol and Mandy Venter

Posted: 9/10/2012  Expires: 10/10/2012

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