September 2012 Update

John & Bev Mitchell  (1964)

“Like cold water to a weary soul, so is good news from a distant land.” Prov. 25:25

Praise the Lord, we are both in relatively good health and able to carry out our summer itinerate ministry. We exchanged homes with our landlord’s daughter and her family. She lives near her parents, who are close long-time friends. We had special times of fellowship and John led 2 worship times for their house church. The only thing that was missing was sunshine!!

We then went to Bar, 7 hours northeast of home, to replace coworkers who went to the States for one of their daughter’s wedding. John preaches 2 times and we make some visits. It is a small church which rents a meeting place from the town for $75. per month! We have a very dear friend here who is a doctor and he always has helpful medical input.

We leave Bar for home to get ready for our eldest granddaughter’s wedding. Melody and Tim met at a Christian counselor training session 2 years ago. Even though during the school they were far apart ,for their studies, their relationship blossomed. We are very thankful to the Lord for this fine couple. After the wedding, we go to Toulouse to replace a French pastor who will be on vacation. We did that last summer too. We are really spoiled there: they have a swimming pool in the yard!

In September John will be preaching at Aix which is just 45 minutes from home. The French missionary pastor is going to the States to raise personal support.

Back at La Ciotat… Remember when we asked you to pray for a pianist? The Lord sent us Fabienne, a young handicapped lady. She suggested the ladies learn some new hymns together before our weekly Bible Study. They then teach them to the church. I guess you could say we now have a worship team and a choir! Fabienne is also talented in other areas.

The Lord also sent us Isabelle who came to know the Lord. John and I started preparing her for baptism, but she has decided not to continue and doesn’t even come to church for the moment. Please pray.

Our pastor, Jean-Pierre, who has to work, will probably be leaving us when he gets his promotion. Please pray for the future of the church.

We shared with most of you about the problem our son David has in Mexico where he works to build a camp and conference center. In January, 50 people, some armed, broke into the center and forced 3 families living on site to gather up their valuables and evacuate the grounds!!! They have gone to court and just recently the judge ruled that the families could return. PTL! Please continue to pray, as the decision still has to be made over who actually owns the property. The Mexican believers have been very supportive of the missionaries and they are planning a praise day in Aug. They expect 1000 people!

We would like to see David and his family again, so are praying about going to Mexico in February and then going to the States to participate in our home church’s missionary conference and visit supporters until May. If any of you want us for a specific date, please contact us. We are thankful for all you do for us and want to be able to tell you so in person. The Lord has already provided a car.

Praise the Lord with us!
Love in Christ, John + Bev

September 3 Update

Dear Praying Friends,

Once again we want to enlist your prayers for El Monte. You rejoiced with us for the permission to move back into the homes on the premises, but the final decision of WHOSE property it is was not decided. Wed., Sept 5th, this decision should be made. At the last hearing, it looked like the judge was partial to the opposition. But, "the king's heart is like channels of water in ther hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He wishes." Prov. 21:1.

Thanks for praying!
John & Bev for David & Linda

Posted: 9/5/2012  Expires: 10/5/2012

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