September 2012 Update

Craig & Elaine Kennedy  (1971)

Dear Prayer Partners,

Vacation/Forlough – Winding down Gardening, we are preparing Furlough 2012-13 schedule. Please contact for any schedule desired. Pray as we establish a traveling schedule.

Twin Brook Camillus Farm—We are plowing and observing two Red Angus beef cattle that arrived September 4th and will be over-wintering. Elaine planted 'purple-top White Globe turnips' in the pasture for the cows to munch on after grass stops growing. We got a 'baker's dozen' sweet corn, observing that there must be either a bug or a parasite in that field, so we will not plant corn there again. Potatoes are doing well, and we are eating 'new potatoes' while keeping most potatoes in the ground to develop tougher skins for storage. Pop corn looks good! We'll have to host a 'youth party'! Tomatoes keep ripening and still blooming. Squash and pumpkins are doing well; watermelon is slow~! We can't see what the carrots or beets are doing, but 'red' soy beans are blooming. Swiss chard keeps growing!!

Craig says we have enough firewood for this 2013 winter, yet he keeps chain-sawing trees in the path of the fence-line toward the back of the farm. This is his 'working-out at the gym' exercise! Thus far, he's cut poplar, pine, maple (diseased maple, he said). The pine was huge and there are more like it, thanks to his uncle planting the pine many years ago. Eventually, he will need to check on the Hemlock and Oak and Beech and prepare Beech firewood for 2014 winter so that it dries out and does not smoke.

Ministry—Praise that our Toyota REVO sold in the Philippines; thanks, Ariel, for assistance in this endeavor and for getting a good price. We continue to give counsel, when asked, to Filipino leadership, and we mostly keep up with happenings in the Philippines through Facebook.

Praise for a great mission's conference at our home church on August 17-19; we were thrilled to host missionaries Charlie and Gai Jewell as our first house guests since getting settled. For the future, we'd love to operate a US-based 'mission house' Bed & Breakfast since we have the beauty of a farm and trails for hiking. In some ways, we'd like to call it 'Bed & Dinner' so that tired guests can eat breakfast whenever they like.

We assisted our Mongolian friend's daughter Khulan into college August 25-28 from Boston airport to Amherst, MA and we praise the Lord that she confesses to knowing the Lord as her Savior. Continue praying for Khulan, attending UMass as a Freshman. We introduced her to First Baptist Church, located at the back gate of the campus and involved in campus ministry. Pray for her continued desire for discipleship and Bible study and fellowship with God's people.

Thank you for your continued partnership in missions in Asia!
Craig and Elaine Kennedy
Posted: 9/5/2012  Expires: 10/5/2012

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