September 2012 Update

Ron & Chris Self  (1977)

Dear Faithful Prayer Supporters,

Thank you for your faithful prayers on our behalf during the past week. We enjoyed good services today. One of our young men preached and did a fine job. We had a good attendance. We were also very blessed by two testimonies: One was from a member of one of our adopted daughter churches. God used Dr. Marcelo to help arrange for a kidney transplant for their 16 year-old daughter who had been on dialysis for 4 years. She has now received the transplant and is home and obviously the family and church are very thankful. The other testimony was from a family in our church who were saved a number of years ago out of our ministry to Tae Kwondo. She was expecting to deliver a baby about 3 weeks from now. Last Thursday she had some concerns so she went to Dr. Marcelo' s hospital. While being examined at the hospital, she suffered a severe placental abruption (separation of the placenta). As I understand it, if she had been even 10 blocks from the hospital when that happened, they would have lost the baby and the life of the mother would have also been at great risk. Because God had arranged for her to be at the hospital at that exact time, both mother and baby are doing great! Again, we were blessed to hear of God´s grace in their lives! Noelen and her family were attendance again. Please continue to pray for her salvation.
The Bible study in the hospital was a blessing this week. Lorena was there, one of the first attendees of our Bible study, whose baby was in the hospital a few years ago. Her baby, Lorenzo was in the hospital again right now. She shared her testimony of how she had come to know Christ there at the hospital and is now attending a church in her community. Miguel, the medical supplies salesman was also in attendance again. Continue to pray for his salvation.
Yesterday in Don Torcuato, we held our quarterly business meeting. I want to thank all of you who prayed about that. As I had shared, we addressed a couple of delicate matters, that required both wisdom (that we did not have on our own) and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We believe that God was glorified in the meeting and through the result. Thank you for your prayers.
My eye surgeon was very pleased with the progress in my eye. I am virtually pain-free, and am approved for any activity that I would like to do. It is still somewhat difficult to read and study, etc. and they will not prescribe corrective lenses for a couple more months, after the eye has had time to continue to correct itself. So, I will have to continue to learn patience! But, we are very pleased and thankful to the Lord and to you for your prayers. Lord willing, I will be preaching in both services next Sunday!

Please continue to pray for Mark and Anahi. They are presently working very hard to arrange for meetings for 2013, even as they continue to share their ministry in churches during these days. Please pray that God would open doors for them to fill their 2013 calendar. Also pray for churches that are presently considering supporting them and their ministry.
Thank you for your faithfulness before the throne of grace on our behalf. We count on your prayers for the work here in Buenos Aires.
To God be the Glory,

Ron and Chris Self

Posted: 9/4/2012  Expires: 10/4/2012

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