September 2012 Update

Andrew & Diane Large  (1974)

Dear Nicaraguan Prayer Team,

Wow! Isn’t it wonderful to be co-laborers for Christ in the most important blessed cause? The Salvation of Souls with Security and Service for the Sovereign Savior! Not even the presidency of some country is as important, long-lasting, and fulfilling! What a wonderful team we have in all of you. Fervent prayer to our Lord really moves things along, aye?

Praise the Lord for:
• The salvation of Dr. Jose Lopez, a lawyer married to a Christian lady who refused to call a priest for her dying husband and contact was made with us, which gave us the privilege of explaining how we are justified unto salvation by faith alone, resulting in his salvation. His wife Betty testifies that Dr. Jose is now a man at peace with God.
• Praise the Lord also for the great team of twelve from Canada who served for two weeks in the ABWE Ministry Center in Managua and with new church plants. We were privileged to go on visitation with them and preach on occasion. They were well received and used of the Lord to bring more souls to Christ.
• Praise our Lord for how interest is building for the Biblical Geography meetings with Dr. and Mrs. Robert Radford from Grace Baptist Temple, Roanoke, VA. (August 21-27th) We are looking forward to some real victories for Christ, as you pray. Latest news: Their ministry was a real blessing and the events were well attended.
• Praise the Lord the boat is now “out of the hands of the Philistines,” as Dad Large would say. Latest news: It's also out of the container and in a shop
to be worked on and make sure it's "seaworthy."

One more PRAISE item: We had the privilege of leading our helper's daughter, Mara, a university student, to the Lord this past week!
Now as you continue in fervent, faithful, fruitful prayer for the ministry here in Nicaragua:
1. Please pray for doors that are opening…in San Juan del Sur on the Pacific Coast where we will use the Fisher of Men boat tool - the leader of the Cultural Center is offering the use of the facility for Christian films as well as other teaching opportunities. We are greatly burdened for this tourist town as no churches exist which teach salvation with eternal security in Christ. There is no Baptist church in this large town.
2. Pray as the Stilecroft Christian School has invited the ABWE missionaries to teach all grades of their Christian Faith, or Bible classes. This is the school that rents its auditorium to the ECC Baptist Church and the church would be delighted to help new souls in their continued growth in Christ. Latest news: the first week of classes went really well and the students showed good interest.
3. Please pray that God would continue to open more doors for home Bible studies, putting a desire in the hearts of our friends to learn from His Word. We also plan to start a monthly Friendship Bible Fellowship time in our home, hoping to spark more interest in spiritual things among leaders we hope to reach with Christ’s Eternal Salvation. Latest news: God has brought a young couple to us whom He has been working in already, and who are very desirous of spiritual input! Please pray for Erik and Ana Isabela.
4. Many of our faithful prayer warriors and supporters are elderly people, and some have been promoted to Glory recently. As a result we are now short $321 in monthly support, but even more importantly – who will take up the slack in prayer support?

Would you all please keep praying with us to our Lord for Abundant Harvest for these ministries? We love you and thank Him for you daily!

In His care and service,

Andy and Diane Large

Posted: 9/4/2012  Expires: 10/4/2012

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