September 2012 Update

David & Karen Hamrick  (1994)

The last few months have been challenging; a blur in some ways, a pleasure in others, and very full. It has been a time of ministry, milestones and medical consults.


Biteng Ministry Center: We have offered films in French and films in English; classes on how to use an oven (since the Cameroonian ladies don’t bake, only use their stove tops); classes for learning English; a walking club, health courses and individual Bible studies at the Center. It has been eye opening into the community as to what the people do/don’t want or will/won’t attend. However, we continue to brainstorm and plan for different uses for the Center. Perhaps these offerings are not the vehicle God is going to use to bring people to Himself, yet we must continue to be available with the Gospel. Pray that we would be discerning, God would be glorified and people would come to know Him personally. That is our prayer for the beginning of the Biteng Church plant. On Sunday, September 2, we will begin a new group Bible Study at 8:00 am. Pray that God will send people who have a hunger and thirst for Truth.

In June, we were able to take a break and attend a missionary care conference. We went tired & weary and returned rested & energized. It was a blessing to worship in English, to be fed from the Word, to interact with other missionaries living in difficult circumstances or challenging situations, and to have time to be still before God. Praise God for this missionary care ministry!

Due to a large lack of missionary teachers at Rain Forest International School this year, Karen and I are co-teaching the 11/12 grade Bible course along with BMM missionary Steve Gault. There are a number of parent volunteers teaching or filling in as they are able at RFIS. It is a pleasure for us to teach AJ’s class the principles of Bible study during his senior year. Pray for the 43 students as we are currently teaching through The Story of Hope. There are unbelievers in the class and many who are uncertain where their eternity lies.

On September 5, Dave will be speaking at the Convocation Service of the Cameroon Biblical Seminary. Pray for this opportunity to encourage and challenge the men as they begin a new year of studies. The theme for this year is “The Centrality of Evangelism in Ministry”. We praise God for the partnership that ABWE/ABWE Canada has been able to establish at the Seminary. Pray for Dr. Mvondo, Dr. Joseph, and Pastor Joseph as they share their lives & knowledge, and give leadership to the 25 men desiring to be better equipped for ministry. Pray for our friends, the Seely’s, as they are in the States on furlough and will be returning to the seminary in June 2013.


This summer we completed 19 years of ministry with ABWE. What a joy in looking back at where we began in ministry in Durban, South Africa; the church and national pastor who are there; our great transition, and the present journey we are on in Cameroon! Praise Him for His provision, protection, and faithfulness. Pray for His continued leading and for His equipping for ministry. Pray that we will make committed contacts and reach people with the Gospel here in Biteng.

AJ is a senior in High School. He is on the school’s Worship Team, Senior Boys’ Volleyball Team, Running Club to prepare for climbing Mt. Cameroon (an active volcano & highest peak in Central Africa at 13,500 feet) in February, and has applied at Baptist Bible College to study for a degree in Pastoral Ministries in the Fall of 2013. Pray for AJ as he wants to do his very best this school year, pray for his commitment to difficult classes and a very full schedule, pray for his classmates – many of the 22 have been together since 7th grade and are very close friends, and pray for our transition as a family as AJ moves to the next stage in his life and schooling next summer.

Zachary is in 10th grade. He is his Class’s representative on Student Council, plays on the Junior Boys Volleyball team, has joined the Running Club, and is working on the Yearbook staff. Pray for Zachary as he has the desire to be able to balance and prioritize his schedule well.


Pray for Christian, our Community Center ministry partner. He is recovering from a bout of Typhoid, Malaria, and stomach yeast infection. Pray for him as he makes contacts for the center, gives the Gospel to all who enter, and leads in a Bible study.

Praise God for AJ’s complete healing from his surgery last year at this time. The healing took a full year, and he is enjoying being involved in physical activities again!

Karen though, has had a rough medical year and finally, after tests and consultations, she is returning to the States on August 28th for an abdominal hysterectomy in mid-September. Please pray over these next several weeks. Pray for Karen’s peace and recovery. Pray for Dave as he cares for his & Karen’s ministries, and takes on the responsibility for meals, household chores, homework oversight, and the boy’s activity scheduling. Pray for AJ and Zac as they carry on in their routine, but without the consistency of mom at home.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers, we do not take this for granted. Your prayers sustain and encourage us.

Serving together by His grace and for His glory,

Dave, Karen, AJ & Zac

Posted: 9/4/2012  Expires: 10/4/2012

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