September 2012 Update

Doug & Karen Phillips  (1991)

Dear Prayer Partners,

In the past few weeks, we learned that our apartment documents are not in order. This is very important when we get visas and go through the process of getting our temporary residence permit, we would encounter more problems. At that point, our invitation letter to obtain visas was not finished yet. Due to all the uncertainty, we decided to return to the US for a month and a half to allow some of these issues to be resolved before we return.

After we finalized our travel plans, we learned that our invitation letter would arrive in Odessa by the end of the week! We plan to use that letter when we go to apply for visas in mid-September.

Our plan right now is to stay in the US until September 15 or 16. Currently we are staying in Dunmore PA with Karen’s family. In mid September we will fly to Bucharest, Romania and spend a few days there, traveling to the country of Moldova at some point in the few days while in Bucharest to apply for our visas. We would leave from Bucharest on Sept 21 or 22 to travel to Bulgaria for our regional conference Sept 23- 27 and return to Odessa after the conference
Doug continues to oversee the work on the current translation projects. The next six chapters of the Biblical Counseling Foundation Self Confrontation manual need to be translated and checked before the counseling training continues in October.

Prayer Requests:

Katie starts her last year of high school in September!
Luke continues to work at Legoland full time and Universal just for the summer
Ministry opportunities while in the US for the next month and a half
Continued progress on translation projects
Receipt of visas and temporary residence permits in order to live and serve in Ukraine
Our apartment documents situation to be resolved by mid September
Pray for our translation team for the Self Confrontation Manual: Holly, Christina, Lilya, Alex, Luba

Thank you for your prayers for us!
In His Service,
Doug, Karen, and Katie Phillips
ABWE – Southern Ukraine

Posted: 9/4/2012  Expires: 10/4/2012

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