September 2012 Update

Don & Vivian Bond  (1952)

Dear Prayer Partners,

“Blessed be the Lord, Who loads us with benefits, The God of our salvation! Selah (Psalm 68:19) We have again been blessed by His benefits. When He leads us and we obediently follow His leading we are always blessed abundantly.

We heard an announcement in church that our assisted living facility (The Manor) is filled. We’ve been praying that God would lead us day by day and indicate the timing for going into such a provision. We decided that we’d better get our names on a list for the future since it is becoming obvious we’re going to need such help soon. At our interview August 1 with the administrator she informed us that she had just learned that an ideal room for us was becoming available this month. On inspection of the room and prayer, we decided to take it. It has multiple advantages making it an exact fit for us. We are so grateful for all who have been praying for God’s leading in our lives. A big thank you to all!

We’ll be moving into the Manor the last of September. Our apartment reverts back to the village and is an excellent buy for someone. Time to move to Florida?? We’ve recently done a lot of improving of our place.

This will make no change in Don’s prison ministry, which is going well. He is now teaching Revelation and Acts in English and Hermeneutics in Spanish as well as administrating the chapel one day a week. Please pray for God to use His servant. His day to bring the village morning Devotional is August 14 for your prayer interest.

Rejoicing in Christ,

Don and Viv

September 3 Update

54 Maranatha Blvd
Sebring FL 33870
Cell 863 991 0536

Please change our address and phone number (no line) on any lists you have access to. Our daughter Linda will be living at the old ones but we prefer direct communication.

God continues to work out the next phase in our lives in unexpected ways. Our oldest daughter Linda is a retired single school teacher and decided to move to Florida as a caretaker for the old folks. She’ll arrive to live in the apartment we are vacating at Maranatha Village on September 18 D.V. It appears that, by God’s provision, her house in Fredricksburg VA is going to sell rapidly. Her brother Steve is bringing her down with a rental trailer and helping us move some furniture to our room at the Manor and settle in to our new quarters on September 20. We will start eating at Maranatha Manor tomorrow, Sept. 4.

Don’s prison ministry continues to bear fruit and be a blessing. The new inmate, saved last week, was at the class yesterday and has read the Gospel of John and shows his peace and joy in his demeanor. Many times new inmates (he is facing 12 years in prison) are wide open to God’s working in their lives. All of our men are felons, some with a life sentence. A few come to Christ repentant and seeking a relationship with God.

Thank you again for praying for God to use us to build His Kingdom and bring glory to His Name. My next ministry at the Village Devotions is September 11 at 8 AM.

Praise the Lord for all His benefits,

Don and Viv

Posted: 9/4/2012  Expires: 10/4/2012

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