February 2012 Update

Craig & Elaine Kennedy  (1971)

Grateful Praise! Pondering Prayer! We processed "abwe-rp"renewal of business permit. Although the current Philippine administration has streamlined the process, it still took 3 days to get the permit finalized. Then in February, it's registering our vehicle. All of these things take such little time in America, but, sadly, it takes longer here. Next, we will deal with internal combustion of van's engine. Hmmm…what to do about that blue smoke! We were hoping the sale of this vehicle would give us some money toward a furlough vehicle…not hopeful for that now, so this is our pondering prayer request.

Mongolian Bible Study—We continue to see growth in this family's new faith and in their desire to remold their lives, marriage, and family to a biblical worldview. We encouraged them to participate in a marriage 6-week seminar conducted by a local church that they attend.

Family— 'Justin and family' made a BIG move on February 2, 2012—I suggest that 'half-way' around the world is a BIG move! They are so close yet so far away. Pray for Justin Kennedy Family as they settle into an apartment and apply for language school, and for the adjustment of their children, Olivia, Jacob, and Owen.

On the USA-West Coast, 'Joyce and family' hosted friends from half-way around the world that they knew well when they lived in East Asia; it was their joy to fellowship again with them.

Craig's sister Karen Brock (at last!) will visit us February 9-28. We will give her a sampling of our teaching ministry at the Bible school, a peek at the school our children attended, our Bible study with the Mongolian family, a visit to unbelieving neighbors, and a day at the Correctional Institution for Women (CIW) on Valentine's Day. We will be involved in training for Good Soil at Southgate Baptist Church, so Karen will sample a great variety of ministry. We need to also insert historical tours, a day at a beach, and a day at a bazaar to see Philippine craft items. We hope to show her city life and provincial life.

STIR-Asia –C&L are still not working at the international school. Pray for them. It's difficult to get out of a rut and build a new road in life. The new Board Chairman, Dr. Albert Chua (a medical doctor), is a perfect fit for this position, as he has a real heart for missions.

Thank you for your continued partnership in missions in Asia!

Craig and Elaine Kennedy

Serving with ABWE in the Philippines
Cell Ph: 63-2-0916-563-8311

RP Address: P.O. Box 320,
Greenhills 1502, San Juan, Philippines

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism,
POBox 8585,
Harrisburg, PA 17105

Posted: 2/21/2012  Expires: 3/22/2012

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