February 2012 Update

Andy & Diane Large  (1974)

Dear Prayer Helpers,

We want to thank you once more for your faithfulness in prayer and support, making our ministries possible. We arrived back to Nicaragua on January 17th, after a month away (two weeks in Florida with family and getting the container on its way to Nicaragua and two weeks in Caballo Cocha on the Amazon in Peru). The Lord went before us the whole way, and answered prayer in so many ways! “And they who know thy name will put their trust in thee; for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken those who seek thee.” Psalm 9:10

Please praise the Lord with us for these answers to prayer:
• God truly was glorified in the Maple Avenue Baptist Church work and ministry team whom we accompanied in Caballo Cocha, Peru, as they finished the restroom facilities in record time and were also greatly used of God in ministry there. The members of the team (all 12) were wonderful examples of God’s love and sacrifice for others. God protected and provided in amazing ways, the whole time. There were 98 campers in Youth Camp the second week we were there!
• Praise the Lord for the salvation of at least three souls there in Caballo Cocha! (The lady who owned the restaurant and served us most of our meals, and two of her kitchen staff.) There were also over 100 New Testaments handed out personally to business establishments and others in the town, and many other opportunities to share our faith and God’s Word.
• The container with the boat and truck, etc., has arrived in Nicaragua! God has already answered prayer in many ways concerning this.

Please fervently pray with us for the following:
1. As we start three weekly evangelistic home Bible studies, one on Revelation for strengthening of believers; one a course on the Christian Family in the town of Jinotepe (in the home of the couple that lived with us for two years, Nevyl and Milagros Obregon); another using the Story of Hope for unsaved friends who have expressed desire for a Bible study with us.
2. Please pray for the spiritual growth and discipleship of the three who made decisions for Christ in Caballo Cocha, Peru – Zadith, Elvis, and Jackson.
3. Please pray for victory and transformation in the life of a medical doctor and his wife whom we are counseling for their marriage and for his freedom from alcohol and substances. Pray for wisdom for us in helping them.
4. Pray we will be able to get the container (both the boat and truck), out of customs (in short time), and begin to see them used in the ministry. A big request is that God will provide the funds needed for all of this - funds we had to borrow for shipping ($4,100) and the funds needed to get the equipment out of customs ($2,000).
5. Please also pray as we coordinate an evangelistic and missions emphasis (as requested) for the ECC Church in Managua.

Truly we serve an amazing, prayer answering God! Rest assured of our prayers for you and your service for Him there in North America.

Rejoicing in His love and grace,
Andy and Diane Large

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Field Address: Apt. C-352, Managua, Nicaragua
Mission Address: ABWE, That P.O. Box 8585, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8585


Dear Friends,
It's our sorrow and pleasure at the same time to tell you that our beloved Mom (Ruth Large Rife) has gone to be with the Lord on February 9, 2012. We wish to thank you for your faithful prayers and many words of comfort expressed during these difficult days. She was a dearly loved spouse and mother. The funeral service was a tribute to our God of grace whom she served and to her as a faithful and gifted wife and mother.
Any who wish to give a gift in her memory may give to a Memorial Fund set up at A.B.W.E., which will go towards helping the "Encounter With Christ" (ECC) Baptist Church in Nicaragua to obtain their property and building. This church, which has been in existence 8 years now, has had to move 6 times since they were not able to afford their own place of worship. They are experiencing great financial difficulties in Nicaragua and would be much blessed with this help. Mom Rife had visited Nicaragua several times and loved these people as well. Please send any gifts to A.B.W.E., P.O. Box 8585, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8585 and mark is as: Memorial Fund for Ruth Rife.
We want to thank you also for your continued prayers for us and her husband Ed, who will miss her very much, and the rest of the family.
With gratitude to the Lord for each of you,
Andrew and Diane Large

Serving the King of Kings in Nicaragua

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