ALUMNI ASSOCIATION - Be a Part of the Family

Baptist Bible College & Seminary Alumni photo

God has chosen to use appreciative and supportive alumni and friends to uphold and advance BBC&S and its mission. These significant groups are valued contributors to the school through their lives and resources.

BBC&S is blessed by each of them. They are the ones who are doing some of the following:

  • Speaking to others on behalf of the school, in both formal and informal settings
  • Providing hospitality for BBC&S ministry teams, speakers and groups
  • Mentoring a current student and/or alumnus
  • Leading exemplary lives before their families and a watching world
  • Modeling the character qualities and the life values learned at the school

We sincerely thank God for each of you. You not only validate the reason for the school's existence but ensure that it will be a viable force in training future spiritual leadership.

You are a vital part of the BBC&S family and it is our prayer the Lord will enhance, enrich and truly bless your life. It is our joy to serve you. On behalf of the students, staff, administration, and faculty, please accept our sincere and heartfelt thanks for your commitment to the school and its mission.


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