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As a graduate of Baptist Bible College & Seminary, you have many benefits available to you.

  • A first-rate education.
  • Friends and colleagues who will last a lifetime.
  • Skills and knowledge to serve Christ throughout your life.
  • And a new family – the BBC&S Alumni Association, more than 10,000 members strong.

Our Purpose
We exist to promote a unified fellowship among the alumni family and to foster the interests and advancement of BBC&S toward the achievement of preparing men and women for Christian ministry careers to the glory of God by:

  • Prayer and personal involvement.
  • Financial support and student recruitment.
  • Godly and consistent representation of BBC&S before the public.

We also provide a means of communication through the Alumni Executive Council to the administration and Board of Trustees in matters of mutual concern for maintaining the welfare of BBC&S.

Who are Alumni?
Voting members are all graduates and all who have satisfactorily completed at least 12 credit-hours in any division of BBC&S.
Associate members are spouses of alumni and those who have taken less than 12 credit hours.
Honorary members are those who serve on the Board of Trustees, administration, and faculty of the school.

Join the Alumni Association
It’s free and easy.

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Opportunities to Serve
As an alumnus, you have a unique ability to give back more than just financially to BBC&S. There are many different areas where your gifts and abilities can help support and promote the institution.

To learn more about these opportunities, please click here.

Be a Part of the Family
God has chosen to use appreciative and supportive alumni and friends to uphold and advance BBC&S and its mission. These significant groups are valued contributors to the school through their lives and resources. BBC&S is blessed by each of them.

To view a list of ways you can be a part of the family, please click here.

Alumni Council
The Alumni Executive Council is responsible for the leadership of the Alumni Association. It is made up of nine elected members. They function in cooperation with the Director of Alumni & Church Relations. The Alumni Council follows the Constitution and Bylaws voted on and approved by the Alumni Association.

Each year, awards are presented to our alumni. These are presented to an individual or individuals who “have completed at least 10 years of faithful and profitable Christian service vocation.”

To see the criteria for these awards as well as past award winners, please click here.


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