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Student Timelines
These timelines will help keep your submissions, applications, and goals organized and on-track, from your freshman to senior year.

Read and download the Teacher Education program timeline here.

Application to the Teacher Education Program
The PA Department of Education requires students to officially apply for admission to the Teacher Education program.

To apply, you must have already earned 48 general education credits. Your official application will coincide with the second semester of your sophomore year; application deadlines will be emailed to you.

Follow the student timeline to keep track of the applications and items required.

By the spring of your sophomore year, you must submit an application to the Early Childhood/Elementary Education program or the Secondary/K-12 Education program .

Additionally you must

  • Have a current Grade Point Average of 3.0 or better.
  • Receive passing scores on the Pre-Professional Performance Assessment.
  • Submit the entrance portfolio.
  • Submit to checking of background clearances.
  • Receive a tuberculosis test.

    Student Portfolios
    The pre-service teacher begins compiling a working portfolio during his/her first required education and discipline specific course at Baptist Bible College.

    A working portfolio is a collection of exemplars of work throughout the pre-service experience that documents levels of competence.

    A portfolio has four stages:

    1. Entrance to the program
    2. Admission to student teach
    3. Student teaching notebook
    4. PDE 430 binder

    Entrance Portfolio Manuals

    PreK-4th Early Childhood/Elementary Education Entrance Portfolio Manual
    Secondary/K-12 Education Entrance Portfolio Manual

    Senior Portfolio Manuals

    PreK-4th Early/Elementary Senior Portfolio Manual
    Secondary English Senior Portfolio Manual
    Secondary Math Senior Portfolio Manual
    Secondary Science Senior Portfolio Manual
    Secondary Social Studies Senior Portfolio Manual
    K-12 Health & Physical Education Senior Portfolio Manual
    K-12 Music Education Senior Portfolio Manual


    Requirements for Completion
    As you work toward your goals, keep this list in mind to be certain you have fulfilled all requirements for completion of the program.

    • Submission of satisfactory results for all background checks and tuberculosis tests.
    • Completion of field experience.
    • Successful demonstration of all course competencies.
    • Documentation of at least six units of Ministry Development.
    • Permission of your advisor.
    • Passing scores on PRAXIS PPST tests: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.
    • Attempted Praxis II: Subject test or appropriate PECT tes (PreK-4th Early/Elementary).
    • Satisfactory completion of the portfolio/interview process.
    • Completion of 100 percent of the core pedagogy course with a minimum 2.0 in each.
    • Completion of all program requirements, except for a maximum of six credits that are not listed in the core content or core pedagogy course. (This exception must be approved by your student teaching supervisor prior to placement.)
    • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
    • Completion of 15 weeks of student teaching.

    Student Teacher Requirements
    Your senior year in the education program will include two periods of student teaching one in a public school and one in a Christian school.

    See and print details regarding admission to student teaching here.

    A detailed explanation of all student teacher requirements can be found in the Student Teacher Handbook.

    Download the Student Teaching Handbook for your program:

    Early Childhood/Elementary Education
    K-12, Secondary English
    K-12, Secondary Math
    K-12, Secondary Music
    K-12, Secondary Social Studies
    K-12, Secondary Health & Physical Education
    K-12, Secondary Science

    The importance of professionalism for students, student teachers and teachers in the workplace cannot be stressed enough. High standards of conduct and dress should be maintainted.

    Review Professionalism Expected of a Student Teacher for more details.

    Information regarding the Student Teaching Notebook and PDE 430 binder will be given at the student teaching seminar.

    If you have questions or need more information please contact the Administrative Assistant to the School of Education at or at 570.585.9355.