February 9-12

The following are helpful resources to better equip you for evangelism and urban ministry. We do not endorse all aspects of all resources but believe they each have information which can be beneficial and informative.


“Learning Evangelism from Jesus” by Jerram Barrs
While this book is not a “how-to-do” evangelism book, it does develop “some of the principles present both in Jesus’ life and in his words that shape the way he meets and talks with people.”

“The Gospel & Personal Evangelism” by Mark Dever
Dever seeks to answer several evangelism-related questions, such as: What is the Gospel? What isn’t the Gospel? Why should we evangelize?

God So Loves the City” by Charles Van Engen and Jude Tiersma
This book brings you stories then retells them in light of Scripture, introducing new hope in each of the stories. From these stories emerge new ideas about the nature of cities and how to practice ministry in each of them.  

“When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor and Yourself” by Steve Corbett  & Brian Fikkert
Authors tap their years of community development experience in outlining a focus on relief, rehabilitation, and development that can transform lives as it challenges existing approaches.

“Linking Arms, Linking Lives: How Urban – Suburban Partnerships Can Transform Communities” by Ron Sider, John Perkins, Wayne Gordon, and F. Albert Tizon
Four authors make a case for how partnerships that cross the urban-suburban divide can successfully minister to the poor.

“Center City Churches:  The New Urban Frontier” by Lyle E. Schaller
Brief overviews of the exciting ministries of 14 urban churches that are creatively reaching their cities for Christ. Identifies 30 themes learned from these growing center city churches.  

“Resurrecting Hope - Powerful Stories of How God is Moving to Reach our Cities”  by John Perkins with Jo Kadlecek
Moving accounts of 12 outstanding urban churches that are effectively reaching their “Jerusale ms” with the Good News and in the process are reconciling black and white, rich and poor.

“Healing for the City:  Counseling in the Urban Setting” by Craig W. Ellison & Edward S. Maynard
Focuses on the brokenness and typical problems and concerns of urban residents and how biblical counseling provides solutions.

“Discipling the City: A Comprehensive Approach to Urban Mission” edited by Roger S. Greenway
Over half the world’s population live in cities. How do we Christians reach them?  In this fine book, various urban ministry specialists discuss the challenge of and strategies for discipling all the various peoples God has brought to our global cities.

“The Urban Christian: Effective Ministry in Today's Urban World” by Ray Bakke with Jim Hart
For over 40 years, this leading evangelical urbanologist has lived with his family in big cities, working with and loving the people. Here he offers lots of practical, time-tested wisdom on how to worship, work and witness in the city.

“Journey to the Center of the City: Making a Difference in an Urban Neighborhood” by Randy White
How one family with two young sons left suburbia to join believers living in a disadvantaged neighborhood of Fresno, California. Through this family’s story learn about God’s love for the city.

“A Theology as Big as The City” by Ray Bakke
How does God see the city? What does Scripture have to say about urban ministry? This stimulating book will stretch you as you journey from Genesis to Revelation. Not a hard read.  

“Cities: Missions New Frontier” by Roger S. Greenway & Timothy M. Monsma
A superb global overview of urban missions, laying the biblical foundation and then exploring numerous practical issues. Focuses on key city issues in North America, Europe, and the burgeoning Two-Thirds World.

“A Heart for the City” by John Fuder
Draws from the collective wisdom of God-centered men and women doing the work of mission in the world-class city of Chicago. Together they challenge us to action on behalf of all cities.
BBC Chapel
September 22 – 25: Pastor Pat Nemmers on Personal Evangelism.
October 28 – 29: Dr. Charles Ware on urban ministry.
Alistair Begg - Sermon series from Acts. Several messages focus on evangelism.
Christian Volunteering
Contains over 4,000 volunteer opportunities in the United States.

Urban Ministry
Contains information and resources related to urban ministry.
Andrea Maxwell - Women at Risk Prayer Letter
BBC Commons Hall / Chicago Mission Trip
New York City Prayer Needs - PowerPoint put together by Ken Davis, Project Jerusalem
Sharing the Faith
Contains tools to help develop your testimony, podcasts, and many other resources.
Association of Gospel Rescue Missions
Scranton Rescue Mission
Syracuse Rescue Mission

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